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Adult Basque Pelota and One Wall Protective Goggles PGP 900

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Colour: PURPLE
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The Urball team has designed these goggles for adult Basque pelota and one wall players looking for comfortable protection with a wide field of view.


Easy transport

The case protects your goggles when they are carried in a bag.

Visual efficiency

The matte black frame reduces glare (from the sun, lights, etc.)

Field of vision

Our R&D teams designed these goggles for optimal field of view

Impact protection

Certified by CRITT; designed for protection from leather, solid and hollow balls



All our Basque pelota and one wall goggles are CRITT certified (Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer).

Optimised face shape

Using our knowledge of different face shapes, our Decathlon R&D teams have helped us design goggles that guarantee eye protection without sacrificing comfort or field of view.

Practical and clever design

The packaging for our goggles was designed to be both practical and clever (instead of just being thrown away).

It serves as a case to protect your goggles when being carried in a bag, and has two holes to let the strap dry out.

It can also hold balls (one ball for the kids' version, two balls for the adult version).

Finally, the foam slit can be used to hold your smartphone so you can film your best shots and share them with us at @Urball.decathlon.

Matte black: stylish and efficient

The matte black colour has been specifically chosen for its ability to absorb light (sun or lights).

Other athletes use similar measures to prevent glare (like when American football players apply eye black), and it can be seen naturally in some animals .

Not only is this colour stylish, it's also very practical.

Strap with 2 buckles for long hair

After hearing from one player, who wanted a strap that would let her keep her hair up in a ponytail, we decided to add two buckles to the strap to put long hair up.

Goggles weight:

44 G



Frame: 90.0% Polycarbonate, 10.0% Thermoplastic Polyethylene; Elastic band: 23.0% Elastane, 77.0% Polyamide; Hook and loop tab: 100.0% Polyoxymethylene

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

Store in the case during transport to prevent damage.


Test product

Tested and approved in international competitions by our technical partners.


2 Years

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All our Basque pelota and one wall protective goggles are CRITT certified (Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer).