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Compact MTB CO2 Inflator + 20 g Cartridge

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We designed this compact inflator to inflate your tyres to the correct pressure in a few seconds. Also suitable for hybrid and city bike tyres.


Compact design

Weight: 120g. Size: 130 mm

Easy transport

Fasten it to the bike frame using the universal Btwin holder.

Ease of use

Clip connection to the valve. Universal connector for every type of valve.


Inflate to 3.5 bar / 50 PSI (MTB tyres).

Fast acting

Reinflate your tyre in a few seconds.



Small and large valve

Quick connection to any type of valve (Presta, Schrader, Dunlop). It can be adapted to any valve using a universal connector.

A sheath to protect you from the cold

Your hand is insulated from the cold by the sheath made of thermoplastic, rubber and a synthetic material.

Maximum pressure in a record time

A 20g CO2 cartridge to attain the following pressures depending on the type of tyre:

ROAD:not recommended.

MTB: 26x2.1 → 3.5 bar/50 PSI.

MTB: 27.5x2.1 → 3.0 bar/43 PSI.

MTB: 29x2.1 → 2.5 bar/36 PSI.

TREKKING: 700x35 → 5.5 bar/80 PSI.

TREKKING: 700x42 → 4.0 bar/58 PSI.

How to use your inflator

1) Fully screw the cartridge into the inflation head. The cartridge is then armed and won't get cold. The

inflator is ready to use.

2) Connect the CO2 inflator by putting the valve in the hole. Hold the inflator in place.

3) Push the CO2 inflator towards the valve to release the gas.

The tyre inflates instantly.

4) Remove the CO2 inflator from the valve.

5) Flush the remaining gas from the cartridge by pressing on the inflator.

6) The cartridge is ready to be removed.



Bottle body: 100.0% Steel; Main part: 40.0% Nylon, 60.0% Aluminium; Formula: 100.0% Carbon Dioxide; Protection cover: 100.0% Thermoplastic Polyethylene

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

WARNING! Contains pressurised gas; may explode if heated. Keep in a well-ventilated place that is protected from sunlight.

Restrictions on use

Only to be used with B'TWIN-compatible cartridges.


Parts guarantee

Our products have a two-year warranty.