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Rubber Mobility and Massage Ball

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  • Rubber Mobility and Massage Ball
  • Set of 3 Mini Textile Fitness Bands - Resistance 5-6-7 kg
  • Rubber Mobility and Massage Ball
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The density of this mobility ball is perfect for relaxing your muscles before or after a cross training workout.


Easy transport

6.4 cm diameter ball that's easy to carry in a sports bag.


Fabric that is highly resistant to wear.


Excellent grip on the ground or in the hand.


Mobility ball description

Ball covered in rubber to maximise its grip

Diameter: 6.4 cm

Its density keeps it from losing its shape, even under significant pressure.

Why use a mobility ball?

This ball stimulates your mobility, flexibility, and muscle recovery. Whether during your workouts, rehabilitation programmes, or recovery routines, this massage ball is an essential. With its targeted self-massage, you'll effectively ease muscle tensions, eliminate pain points, and promote better circulation.

Why is this mobility ball made of rubber?

This rubber mobility ball is specially designed to be more grippy to keep you from slipping during a mobility workout. Plus, it can be used on walls, allowing you to do targeted exercises for strengthening and stretching your back muscles.

What body parts is the mobility ball best suited for?

This mobility ball is specially designed for all parts of the body (shoulder blades, calf insertions, plantar arch, etc) that require something smaller than a foam roller (ref: 8604426).

Storing your mobility ball

You can easily bring this mobility ball everywhere you go. It slips easily into a gym bag (ref: 8596007), so you can keep it close at hand no matter where you are, even when travelling.

What other products to use to complete your mobility or self-massage routine

Complete your mobility routine with hand grips that are super-lightweight (ref: 8576806), medium (ref: 8576804) or hard (ref: 8576808) to help you strengthen and rehabilitate the forearm muscles.

Mobility routine recommended by our coach

Here is a mobility routine for relaxing after a run:

- Plantar arch self-massage: 45 seconds per foot

- Self-massage of calf and Achilles tendon: 1 minute per side

- Self-massage of hamstrings: 45 seconds per side

- Self-massage of glutes: 45 seconds per side



Main part: 100.0% Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

Store your mobility ball indoors in a dry environment.



2 Years