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Women's Clay Court Tennis Shoes TS990 - Black

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Colour: BLACK / GREY
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Our design team created these tennis shoes for advanced tennis players who play on all court surfaces.



Optimised weight (315 g in size 5.5)

Energy return

A supple textile upper and Pebax® propulsion plate

Abrasion resistance

Robust RUBLAST rubber sole and upper reinforced in areas subject to more wear.


New Lateral CS technology for high-performance heel cushioning

Fitting comfort

3D mesh upper and memory foam around the ankle.


Reliable support thanks to the polyurethane-reinforced upper.



315 g in size 5.5.

RUBLAST rubber

When you move around the court you sometimes drag your shoes along the ground, which makes the sole wear out faster. The surfaces you play on are also abrasive.

The outsole is made from ultra-robust RUBLAST rubber.

Reinforced upper

For safer sliding and directional changes, plus enhanced robustness, the upper has been reinforced with high-resistance KPU, especially at the toes and instep.

Pebax® material

The shoes feature a resin plate (Pebax®) under the foot for increased propulsion.

The Pebax Powered® programme showcases the high performance of the Pebax® material for athletes. Pebax® and Pebax Powered® are registered trademarks of Arkema.

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Lateral CS technology

The result of many years' research & development with Artengo and Decathlon SportsLab, the patented LATERAL Cushioning System (Lateral CS) concept guarantees long-lasting, reduced impact on the ground for tennis players.

Mechanical studies carried out on players during play have shown that a high impact robustness foam, positioned at the heel, can reduce impact on the ground by 13% compared with the 2019 version of the TS 990.


Thermoformed insole perfectly fits the heel and arch. Comfortable, long-lasting and lightweight (PU polyurethane).


Easily tighten your shoes using the flat laces for better support.

Our resistance to wear test

The shoes are tested in the lab on a machine that has been specially developed to reproduce the type of heel, forefoot, toe, and instep wear seen in a tennis match.

These shoes are the model in the Artengo Women's range that withstood the most cycles. They are the most robust.

Our cushioning test

The shoes are tested in a lab on a machine that reproduces the impact of the heel when playing tennis using an 8 kg impactor. The greater the acceleration, the greater the impact suffered by the body.

Our user comfort test

These shoes are tested blind by a representative panel of female tennis players. They evaluate the level of comfort in terms of how the shoe fits and how soft it is (from the very first time worn).



Outer sole of: 10.0% Polyurethane, 50.0% Synthetic Rubber, 30.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, 10.0% Thermoplastic Polyurethane; Upper of: 70.0% Polyurethane, 30.0% Polyester; Lining and sock of: 100.0% Polyester

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

For hygiene reasons we recommend storing your shoes in a cool, dry place and removing the insoles after use to air them out.


Test product

Before being used on the court, our shoes undergo several tests. The lab tests validate various aspects such as tearing eyelets, the glueing of the sole, toxicology, abrasion on the sole and upper, resistance to ageing, etc. Field tests are carried out by our partner testers to evaluate our products in real playing conditions. If you would like to become a tester, you can join us by emailing: [email protected]


2 Years

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All of Artengo's technical partners, as well as several other high-level players. Myrtille Georges (10th ranked French player in 2020, former WTA No.168 on 18/07/2015), Mallaurie Noel (23rd ranked French player in 2020, WTA No.486 on 16/03/2020) Steve Darcis (ATP singles No.38 on 22/05/2017), Oliver Marach (ATP doubles No.1 on 01/11/2018), Nicolas Escudé (former ATM No.17)