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Women's High Support Bra with Crossed Straps - Taupe Pink

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This sports bra provides a high level of support for practising high-impact sports, e.g. horseriding, treadmill, step, etc.


Moisture management

Stay dry when exercising thanks to the breathable and quick-drying fabric.

Easy dressing

Standard fastening system like that of a conventional bra.

Freedom of movement

The elastane in the fabric promotes freedom of movement.


Adjustable straps – straight or crossed (hook). 3-position clasp at the back.

Breast support

Strong support for high-impact sports.


How are the support levels of the Decathlon sports bras validated?

The Decathlon bras are validated in our laboratories using a bust support test. This measures the reduction in the acceleration of the breast movements during the sports activity. There are 3 levels of support: 1 for low support, 3 for medium support and 5 for high support.

How does this high support bra with crossover straps eliminate perspiration?

In sport, making a physical effort usually causes perspiration.No doubt, you like to surpass yourself, but you may not enjoy the feeling of being soaked at the end of your session. We therefore thought of you by adding a few details to this bra that will help you stay dry. Lace lined with mesh to create a breathable area between the breasts and eliminate perspiration more effectively.

How does this high support bra with crossover straps facilitate movement?

Being able to enjoy sport also involves choosing a comfortable level of support that facilitates one's movements. This was the objective we had in mind when we designed this sports bra. These straps are adjustable and can be arranged vertically or crossed over. To cross them over at the middle of the back, just use the hook to fasten the two strap rings together. The shoulder blades will then be freed up, thereby increasing your freedom of movement.

How to care for the high support bra with crossover straps.

Designed for intensive sports use, this sports bra can be washed repeatedly. Do not exceed temperatures of 30°C and use our special laundry bag (item reference 8505236). Use liquid detergent rather than a powdered washing product and do not use softeners which can damage the breathable properties of the fabrics. Do not put in the tumble dryer.

How to find the right size of sports bra

Choosing the right size of bra according to your body shape will provide the support and comfort your bust needs. To find it, take a tape measure, and then:

- While in front of a mirror;

- Place the tape measure horizontally at the top of your back on the lower part of your shoulder blades;

- Hold the tape over the fullest part of the bust;

- Record the measurement without pulling the tape measure too tight;

- Feel free to use our online calculator to help you with this process.

How to slip on the high support bra with crossover straps?

To facilitate dressing, hook up your bra at the front and then rotate it so that the clasps are at the back. Then lift the bra over the bust and put your arms through the straps as you would with a conventional bra.

What if my sports bra is too tight across the back?

If the cups fit but the back strap is too tight, you can extend its length using the BACK EXTENDER (item reference 8584752). Each pack contains the height of the back extension that fits each size:

38 mm: compatible with sizes XS AB, S AB, S CD, M AB, M CD, M EF L AB and L CD.

45 mm: compatible with sizes L EF, XL CD, XL EF, 2XL EF and 3XL EF.

What is the design process of Decathlon's sports bras?

The Decathlon bras, which have been designed by our team of sportsmen and women, are designed to maximise comfort and prevent health problems. To reduce the risk of injury and compressing the lymph nodes, we do not use underwiring. We also minimise the number of seams at the level of the nipples to reduce the risk of chafing. Finally, by using components that help to eliminate perspiration, we can ensure your comfort while also significantly reducing the risk of skin irritation.

What level of support should your sports bra provide depending on the sport?

The support of the bra must be tailored to each sports activity. Our range can be broken down into the following 3 levels:

- Level 1: low support for activities that generate gentle breast movements (pilates, stretching, strength training, etc.);

- Level 3: medium support for activities that cause moderate bouncing (dance, cardio-training, etc.);

- Level 5: high support for activities that involve intense movements (step, treadmill, trampoline, etc.).

What should you choose between high, medium or low support?

During sports, the forces caused by the breast movements stretch the skin and ligaments of the bust. Without adequate support, the risk of pain or premature sagging increases. On the other hand, too much support can also have repercussions. The level of support provided by your bra must therefore be tailored to your bust size and the intensity of the impacts involved.

The objective:to protect your bust without hindering the natural movement of the breasts.

What types of activity is this high support bra with crossover straps suited to?

This sports bra delivers a high level of support for the bust and is suitable for high impact sports.

What types of cups are there on the high support bra with crossover straps?

The sports bra has 2 fine and flexible padded cups that provide optimal comfort. This foam also conceals nipple protrusion.

Why is it important to protect the breasts during physical exercise?

When practising a sport, your delicate breasts, which are almost exclusively supported by the skin, experience much greater forces than in everyday life. Regardless of your cup size or your age, the forces experienced by the bust due to movements and bouncing can be as much as 5 times their weight depending on the intensity of the activity. The sports bra provides the required support, comfort and protection. It protects the bust from impacts, pain and premature sagging.



Elastic band: 12.5% Elastane, 87.5% Polyamide; Main fabric: 26.0% Elastane, 74.0% Polyamide; Lining cup: 100.0% Polyester; Back lining: 100.0% Polyamide; Middle part: 32.0% Elastane, 68.0% Polyamide

Tips for storage and maintenance



Test product

SUPPORT: the support was tested and approved by testers in the DECATHLON laboratory by measuring the movements of the breasts. Each size was tested separately. WASHING: The washing and drying tests guarantee good stability (dimensional stability and colour fastness)


2 Years

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This product was tested by testers in the DECATHLON laboratory to validate the level of support. 10 female runners then validated it during an outdoor run. They then conducted a long-term test over a period of six months to put the product through its paces. This sports bra has also been tested and validated by our horseriding teams to ensure optimal breast support during this discipline.