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Monofilament Tennis Strings TA 960 Control 1.25 mm - Black

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  • Monofilament Tennis Strings TA 960 Control 1.25 mm - Black
Colour: PURPLE
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Our designers developed this string for advanced players who break strings in under 10 hours of play and are looking for good spin and control.


Directional control

Feeling of control thanks to the new material composition


The materials let you give the ball plenty of energy.


The 1.25 mm gauge and the surface give the ball good spin.


Good robustness thanks to their monofilament composition and their gauge

Durable string tension

String keeps its tension well for up to 3 months of use.


Which tension is best?

Moderate tension (18 kg to 23 kg) offers more comfort, spin and power. The flip side is that you'll have less control and accuracy.

High tension (>23 kg) provides greater control and accuracy. It can, however, lead to tendinitis. You will also have less spin and power.


For monofilament strings, Decathlon recommends a tension of between 19 kg and 22 kg. We strongly recommend against using monofilament strings for children under 15 to avoid injury. These strings are best for players who break strings in under 10 hours of play because they quickly lose their tension.

About multifilaments

For multifilament strings, Decathlon recommends a maximum tension of 25 kg. These strings are recommended for people who are prone to tendinitis, youngsters, and people who don't break their strings often. Multifilament strings keep their tension very well.

When should you change your strings?

Your racket's performance depends 50% on your frame and 50% on your strings! Be sure to take the time to choose the right strings.

For players who break their strings a lot: change them as soon as they break.

For people who rarely or never break strings, Decathlon recommends changing them as many times per year as you play per week. E.g.: if you play once per week, change your strings once per year. If you play three times per week, change your strings three times per year.

Tips from Decathlon

You shouldn't tighten strings that have gone dead since their performance will have been lost. A loosely strung racket will let you play a more relaxed game, giving you more power without having to force it. Over time strings can become worn without breaking. They lose their elasticity and initial properties. The gauge (or diameter) also affects play. The smaller the gauge, the more power and spin you'll get. A larger gauge will give you stiffer strings with a heavier impact on your body.



Racket string: 100.0% Polyester

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

Avoid significant changes in temperature.Do not leave your racket in your car boot: the temperature can rise and fall dramatically!


Test product

Product developed with all of our ambassadors and testers and with professional players. Our tests on the product features are conducted in a laboratory. The Resistance test checks the string's resistance to breaking. It is performed in the lab by the Canon Ball machine and checks the longevity of each string. The string's Power test is carried out in our labs using the "Charpy impact" machine which measures the amount of energy the product absorbs.


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