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Unisex Rental Snowboard ENDZONE 500

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We have developed this rental snowboard for beginners to experts, looking for a sweet board to shred in the park, on the slope or off-slope.


Anatomic design

142cm: 1.57-1.67m 146cm: 1.60-1.71m 151cm: 1.69-1.76m 156cmMW: 1.74-1.81m


30% piste, 10% off-piste, 60% park.

Glide performance

Black PE extruded base for good repairability.


Quite flexible nose and tail. Ideal for low speed jumps.


Soft torsion makes the board easy and playful.


Good edge grip (flat camber and soft torsional stiffness).


Normal buoyancy on powder (flat camber, rocker).

Ease of handling

Soft torsion: free foot movement to be playful.


Difference with the basic model

_ 100% black base for easy repairs

_ top sheet reinforced (top coating of the board) structured for a more durable rental snowboard


The Endzone 500 has less edge grip on pistes than the Park & Ride, but it is really more lively in snow parks for rail lines as well as jump lines. It's easy to handle in tight turns on the piste and is the perfect excuse for playful snowboarding on the edge of the slopes. With its flat camber, rocker and soft torsional stiffness between the feet, it is suitable for very good freestylers as well as for genuine beginners interested in freestyle.

Twin Tip snowboard

The shape of the snowboard is Twin Tip: The board's sidecuts are completely symmetrical between front and rear, providing perfect symmetry and centring of the board's features for riding in both directions in the same way. The Twin Tip shape also offers total balance when turning (on the ground, in the air).

Flat camber + rocker

A flat camber offers the best compromise between a standard camber which provides traction and dynamic motion, and a reverse camber which provides manoeuvrability when turning but little traction. It is perfect for the park freestyler and beginner because:

- the flat camber provides stability on modules and on the slopes

- the rocker makes it more forgiving in parks and on the slopes as the 4 corners of the board don't touch the snow when the board is flat.

Soft and forgiving flex

Flex is the stiffness of the board between the front and rear. The flex of the Endzone 400 Jib is about 2/5, which is flexible and forgiving. This type of flex is very consistent from the nose to the tail, offering predictable performance and cornering with no surprises. This flex, which is designed for freestyle, is ideal for playful snowboarding on the flat (ollies, nollies, butter, nose roll, etc.) . But it is also suitable for beginner snowboarders.

Soft and forgiving torsion

The torsional stiffness, i.e. the stiffness of the board when twisted between the feet, is about 2/5 on the Endzone 400 JIb, which makes the board easy to handle and turn and forgiving of mistakes. Soft torsion for free movement between the feet. It is important at the beginner level: forgiving of edge errors. The soft torsional stiffness is also suitable for freestyle-jib-flat use.

0 mm setback

The setback is when the board's compression points on the snow are not symmetrical in relation to the centre of the board, but set back towards the rear. The bindings are also set back towards the rear by the same distance.

no setback = these are fully centred Twin Tip boards, not only for riding in both directions, but also for better balance during rotations in the air and on the slopes.

Technical information

Size 151 cm

Front width 292 mm. Centre 250 mm. Rear 292 mm.

Radius 7.9 m.

Effective edge 1.165 mm.

No. of inserts: 10 + 10 (3 possible positions per binding / 20 mm between each).

Recommended stance: 555 mm.

Which size Endzone 500 snowboard should I choose?

For Freestyle use, you can go for a relatively short board: choose a 20 or 25 cm drop (for example, a person who is 1.74m tall should choose a board between 154 and 149 cm in length).

A smaller board makes rotations and tricks easier. A bigger board will be more stable at high speed and when landing jumps.

142 cm => 1.57m to 1.67m

146 cm => 1.60m to 1.71m

151 cm => 1.69m to 1.76m

156 cm MID-WIDE => from 1.74m to 1.81m



Board for surf: 10.0% Steel, 30.0% Glass Fiber, 30.0% Wood, 30.0% Epoxy Resin

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

Dry edges at the end of the day to prevent rust. <br /> Ideally, wax every 5 outings.<br /> Storing for the summer: keep away from sunlight, you can leave your bindings on the board.



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