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Rhythmic Gymnastics 36 cm Connectable Clubs - Pink

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Colour: PINK
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Our designers created these 36 cm clubs for gymnasts aged 7 and up to meet the specific needs of rhythmic gymnastics training and competitions



Their composition allows them to withstand use and being dropped


Weight per pair of 36 cm clubs = 204 g Individual 36 cm club = 102 g

Ease of handling

Well-balanced, connectable and easy to handle


How to choose your rhythmic gymnastics clubs

The size you choose will depend on your body shape. They will be easiest to handle if they are the same length as your forearm, in other words, from the tips of your fingers to the inside of your elbow.

The size you choose is also governed by the sport's official rules

How to maintain your clubs

We recommend using the clubs on a surface such as a gymnastics mat or multisport floor as hard surfaces such as wood and cement may damage them.

Wash your clubs with a little washing up liquid, water, and a soft sponge. Rinse well and rub gently.

Dry with a microfibre cloth to avoid abrasion.

How to choose a rhythmic gymnastics outfit

Our design team's advice: the perfect training kit for gymnasts is a leotard or top, and shorts or leggings so that they can move freely and with confidence. Leotards are optional for training but compulsory for competitions.



Clubhead: 100.0% Styrene Ethylene Butadiene Styrene; Axis: 70.0% Polypropylene, 30.0% Glass Fiber

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

Store away from any heat sources.


Test product

These clubs have been tested and approved by club gymnasts.


2 Years