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Pool Table BT 700 US

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Our passionate team gives you the opportunity to perfect your pool game at home. Take on family and friends!


Compact design

A real compact 7ft table at home!

Easy assembly / dismantling

With 2 people, your billiards table can be assembled and ready to use in 30 min.

Ease of use

Easily play at home whenever you want: all accessories are included.


Take advantage of the table's excellent flatness ensured by its 2 stringers.



The complete BT 700 kit weighs 105kg, the table weighs 90kg.

As for the table, It is 80cm high, 214cm long, and 118cm wide with a playing surface that measures 96 x 192cm. The cushions are 37mm high while the bed's thickness is 18mm.The table's pockets have an 11cm opening and can hold up to 7 balls.


Your BT 700 billiards table arrives unassembled in a single box measuring 126cm high, 222cm long, 19cm deep, and 255cm diagonal. Your full BT 700 kit weighs 105kg.

How to assemble your BT 700 US billiards table

How to assemble the table*

Two people needed and takes 30 minutes :)

1. Start by setting up and assembling the table's four feet with the wrench included. 2. Screw the four adjustable feet.

3. Next attach the accessories (triangle holder, ball rack). 4. Turn the table, taking care to not put pressure on the feet.

5. Adjust the hydraulic legs, so that your slate is completely flat.

Now what? Your turn to nail it!

*User guide included in your pack.

Everything you need to get started in a single pack

This kit puts everything you need to improve within easy reach:

- two 145cm (57") cues weighing 540gr (19oz) with glued 13mm diameter tips.

- 15 numbered pool balls measuring 57.2mm in diameter (162gr) + 1 cue ball

- 1 triangle + 1 brush specifically designed for cleaning the felt.

- 1 piece of chalk for covering the end of your billiards cues (called the tip).

- 1 ball rack and 1 score keeper.

- 1 cover protecting against UV rays and dust.

Find out more about the design process for the bed

The bed is made from a medium density wood fibre composite called Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). This design choice makes the table light, flat, smooth, and robust. We drew inspiration from aeronautics (see Unique features) by adding stringers underneath the bed to further reinforce it, render it less sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, and help the bed withstand the weight it often supports during practice.

Unique features: stringers

In the design of longitudinal frames on aeroplane wings, stringers, coupled with the fuselage's ribs and frame, stiffen the structure to support pressure and deformations. Following the same idea, we have added metallic stringers and longerons underneath the bed. A reinforced frame prevents the drooping that occurs on tables lacking a good structure, including slate tables.

Your table's added benefits

Your billiards table includes sights (called diamonds) on the frame for improved accuracy. Its net pockets are quiet. Its felt is robust. Its feet are adjustable and made of metal. The stainless steel corners are reinforced and round for improved safety. Finally, your billiards table is certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

Necessary playing space for comfort

You have to feel comfortable to play billiards, and this largely depends, among other things, on the playing area. The best way to delimit this area is to have the length of a billiards cue (1.45 m) on each side of your table And you must provide for an extra 5cm for your stroke (the back and forth motion of the cue before your hit).

In a nutshell? You need 21.5m² for the BT 700 billiards table (or 514 x 418cm).

Marbles or balls? HOLES OR POCKETS? Here is some billiards vocabulary

"If you ever hear the term "holes" in reference to pool, that isn't the right word for the sport!

That's right! If you want to start playing pool, you'll need to put balls in the pockets (not the holes).

But how? By shooting the white ball with a cue. Here we talk about a cue, rather than a stick."

Are you learning to play pool? OUR TEAM HAS SOME TIPS FOR STARTING OUT

Contrary to popular belief, pool is actually a sport! And an accuracy sport in this case.

Take your time finding a stable stance so that you are comfortable and capable of reproducing the same accurate movement.

Finally, rather than leaving it to chance, rely on strategy, accuracy, and success.

Makes sense? Visualise your shots and dare to shoot at the pack to see what you can get :)

Maintaining your billiards felt

Your billiards felt is unlikely to tear. Maintenance improves quality of play and increases the lifespan of your table. Here's our tips:

- Avoid sun exposure and cover between games.

- Keep food, drinks and cigarettes away from the felt.

- Avoid chalk marks by chalking your tip away from the table.

- Use a vacuum with a flat brush to remove dust.

- Use warm water and a piece of felt to remove stains and improve glide.

Have a problem with your table?

Something wrong with your table? A hole in the felt? Your billiards table has a 2 year warranty. Contact our customer service to find the best solution for you!



Board for billiard: 80.0% Wood, 20.0% Stainless Steel; Frame: 80.0% Wood, 20.0% Stainless Steel; Foot: 100.0% Wood; Billard cloth: 100.0% Polyester; Billiard cushion: 100.0% Synthetic Rubber; Adjustable foot: 20.0% Synthetic Rubber, 80.0% Stainless Steel; Pocket for billiards: 100.0% Polyester

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

We recommend covering your BT 700 table with the tarp included in the pack and keeping it in a dry area away from dust and sunlight.

Restrictions on use

The felt cannot be replaced!


Test product

Our practising partners have completed more than 2,000 billiards games to ensure the table stands up to intense use.This corresponds to several hours of play each day over 6 months.


2 Years

Agree by

"I tested the BT 700 Billiards table and I was impressed by its playing quality which is comparable to that offered by a competition table. If you are looking for a really good table, this is THE table that I recommend. It's just a true at-home table!" Erwan Drapeau - Junior 2012 World Champion / France Adult Champion N1 2015