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Kids' Discovery Inflatable Bodyboard - Yellow 4-8 years (15-25 kg)

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Designed for children from 4 to 8 years old (15 to 25 kg) to get used to waves and enjoy their first wave-riding experience. Maximum depth to the navel.


Compact design

Compact. Inflation by mouth. New push-button valve.

Ergonomic grip

2 grips. Do not wax. Leash not included, available to purchase separately.

Glide performance

Padded glide surface. Do not overinflate. Not suitable for adults.


Weights from 15-25 kg. Do not overinflate. Deflate after use and store in the shade.


User-friendly and educational

To help you catch more waves, we strive to make our products as user-friendly and educational as possible.

That's why this bodyboard has carefully placed handles, which allow you to get into the right position automatically.

Pictograms on the bottom of the bodyboard illustrate each of the key steps to catching waves.

A QR code gives you access to tutorials and other useful information: care, second life, etc.

How do you choose your bodyboard size?

The size of the bodyboard directly influences its stability and ease of handling. It must be suited to the size and weight of its user. As such, this bodyboard is designed for children weighing between 15 and 25 kg, i.e. between 4 and 8 years old.

A bodyboard that is too small will not float enough so you will miss waves. A bodyboard that is too big will be difficult to handle.

Refer to the size chart to help you choose.

Not suitable for users under 40 kg. Only use in lifeguarded swimming areas.

We design products according to 4 levels of experience. This product is intended for "novices".

- Novices: Up to the navel, no fins, small waves < 50cm, propulsion by pushing your feet on the ground, then riding the wave to the shore. For a 1st wave-riding experience (bodyboard with grips).

- Beginner: Gentle turns in waves up to 1 m, propulsion with fins. A must for learning to bodyboard.

- Intermediate: Waves up to 1.50 m, more speed and the beginning of tricks (360°, El Rollo, etc.).

- Advanced: All types of waves, command of tricks, even aerial: ARS, 360°, tube...

Directions for use

This bodyboard is inflated by mouth. Inflate gently; an overinflated bodyboard will not glide as smoothly and could become damaged if exposed to strong heat. You should be lying flat on the bodyboard when catching waves. Be sure to wear a long-sleeved anti-UV top or a wetsuit to avoid chafing on your arms and torso.

For added comfort, remember to push the valve into the bodyboard once it is inflated.

How to catch a wave with this product

Designed to catch and glide on waves by the sea shore, this product can be used where kids can touch the bottom, in water up to the navel. As a small broken wave passes (<50 cm) the child pushes off using their feet, aiming towards the beach, and lies down on their belly on the bodyboard, with their hands on the handles, arms bent and legs stretched out behind them. It is not necessary to use fins. Its texture provides comfortable contact with the skin. No need for wax.

Behaviour and safety

WARNING! Risk of injury due to the functional characteristics of this toy. Small parts - Danger of suffocation. Only for use in shallow water where the child can touch the bottom and under adult supervision. Particular care must be taken if there is wind and/or current. Safety equipment such as buoyancy aids or armbands are strongly recommended. Not suitable for use by kids aged 3 or under. A leash can be added, available to purchase separately.

How to keep your inflatable bodyboard in good condition?

To keep your bodyboard in good condition, it is recommended to:

- Not jump onto it in a swimming pool.

- Not leave it inflated in direct sunlight or in temperatures above 30°C (deflate it after use). Never leave it in a vehicle in direct sunlight.

- Before entering the water with your bodyboard, make sure your bodyboard is in good condition, that no joins or seams are damaged, that the valve is fully closed and that it does not deflate.

What to do if the bodyboard deflates?

It's normal that the air pressure in the bodyboard drops during the day or when you put it in the water. In fact, if the temperature drops, so does the air pressure: in this case, occasionally inflate by mouth.

After inflating, it is not normal for the pressure in the bodyboard to drop significantly during a session. If this happens, check that the plug is tightly closed.

What to do if air leaks are visible or the plug does not remain in place?

Special attention must be paid to only using this product under the prescribed conditions. Any inappropriate use is forbidden.

If, after normal use, the plug does not remain in place or air can be seen leaking from the seams in the bodyboard, then the guarantee will be applicable for 2 years.

What to do if the valve leaks?

Valve leaks are generally caused by the presence of sand, which must simply be removed.

Partially deflate the bodyboard and leave it to dry (it is easier to remove dry sand than wet sand).

Use a pump to blow onto the valve and to remove the grains of sand by pressing the button (blowing by mouth can work, but risks making the sand wet).

In all circumstances, the plug must remain airtight.


Inflated: 70 cm x 50 cm x 12 cm

Deflated: 15 cm x 15 cm x 4 cm.



Main fabric: 50.0% Polyamide, 50.0% Polyvinyl Chloride

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

Deflate the bodyboard when not in use to avoid heat damage. Rinse and dry in the shade after use.

Restrictions on use

Waves <50 cm. Do not jump onto it in a pool or similar.


Test product

Developed and tested by our bodyboard-loving design teams in Hendaye, France. The components used for this product are laboratory-tested to ensure the best possible quality and durability.


2 Years