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Kids' Lace-up Hiking Shoes - NH100 from size 35 to 38 - Blue

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Colour: BLUE / GREEN
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Our designers are parents of young hikers and have developed these low shoes so that your children can walk on easy trails

Ecodesign approach

With ecodesign, we reduce the environmental impact of our products.

Analysing the product's environmental footprint enabled us to identify the most impactful stages of its life cycle. Thanks to this approach, our design teams were able to develop this product while significantly reducing its environmental impact.

Ecodesign actions on this product
  • Picture showing Recycled thermoplastic

    Recycled thermoplastic

    Product made from 12% recycled thermoplastic

    Using recycled thermoplastic rather than conventional thermoplastic reduces the CO2 emissions linked to the material by at least 11%.

  • Picture showing Designed to reduce environmental impact
    Environmental Impact

    Designed to reduce environmental impact

    Product made with a CO2eq reduction of 7% compared to the previous or similar product

    Our design teams are working to develop processes that will reduce the impact of a product, while preserving its technical characteristics. This reduction relates to the following indicators: climate change, air pollution, water pollution and resource depletion.

  • Picture showing Recycled polyester

    Recycled polyester

    Product made from 15% recycled polyester

    Using recycled polyester rather than conventional polyester reduces the CO2 emissions linked to the material by at least 17%.

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