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Women's Sleeveless Horse Riding Down Jacket 500 - Black/Pink Golden Zip

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Colour: BLACK
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Our equestrian designers created this sleeveless gilet for regular riders in cool weather.

Ecodesign approach

With ecodesign, we reduce the environmental impact of our products.

Analysing the product's environmental footprint enabled us to identify the most impactful stages of its life cycle. Thanks to this approach, our design teams were able to develop this product while significantly reducing its environmental impact.

Ecodesign actions on this product
  • Picture showing Recycled polyester

    Recycled polyester

    Product made from 72% recycled polyester

    Using recycled polyester rather than conventional polyester reduces the CO2 emissions linked to the material by at least 17%.

  • Picture showing Dope dyed

    Dope dyed

    Product made from 3% dope dyed yarn

    Using this mass-dyeing process enables us to reduce CO2 emissions linked to the production of dyed textiles by at least 17% compared to conventional dyeing.

  • Picture showing Artificial fibers

    Artificial fibers

    Product made from 4% artificial fibers

    Using artificial fibers obtained from wood pulp rather than virgin cotton reduces the CO2 emissions linked to the material by at least 6%.

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