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Maxi Shaker 700 ml - Black

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Colour: BLACK
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We've designed this 700 ml maxi shaker to help you easily and smoothly mix all your supplements: protein powders, pre workout, BCAA or gainers.



Compatible with our stackers.

Easy transport

With a carrying handle for easy transport. Put in or attach to your bag.

Easy maintenance

Its round base and removable grate make it easy to clean.

Easy opening / closing

Two "click" closure cap for a better seal and zero leakage.

Ease of use

The design of the grate makes mixing protein powders easy.


Cap with zero leakage and double "click" on closing!

Our cap has a specific tightening torque with an audible double "click" closure to secure the seal.

Make sure to press firmly on the cap until you hear the double "click" of it closing.

As the shaker is designed to last over time, the cap will soften progressively over time.

When closed tight, you can slip it into your bag and head to the gym with peace of mind.

Material choice

We make the bottle of our 300 ml, 500 ml and 700 ml bottles as well as our storage compartments from ECOZEN material.

This innovative formula is BPA-free, transparent like glass and very impact resistant.

Design story

A shaker is a must-have in any fitness, weight training or cross training enthusiast's sports bag.

That's why our design team spent over 2 years designing our range of shakers:

- a full range, suited to your needs (300 ml, 500 ml and 700 ml)

- without leaks

- easy to clean

- easy to use, with their very clear scaling

- also easy to transport, with their carry handle, so you can hold with one finger or attach to your sports bag.

Compatibility of stackers (storage compartments)

We offer a full range of stackers or storage compartments* for transporting your supplements, powders, capsules and dried fruit, that can be screwed under your shaker in no time.

Available in 3 sizes:

- large compartment (+/-50 g) to carry your powders or dried fruit

- tablet compartment (+/-30 g) to carry your capsules (removable divider)

- funnel compartment (+/-30 g) to easily pour your powders, even into a bottle

* sold separately

How to wash your shaker

Rinse your shaker immediately after taking your proteins, ideally with hot water.

For best results, we recommend washing your shaker by hand, using hot water, soap and a sponge, and avoiding the dishwasher. The high temperatures of certain washing cycles and the immersion time can have an impact on the cap of your shaker.

Usage Tips

We recommend washing your shaker by hand for best results and avoiding the dishwasher

- Wash the shaker 3 times before using it the first time

- First add the liquid, then the protein powder

- Screw on the cover and press until you hear the double click

- Wash the shaker immediately after use

- Wash each part of the shaker separately (by hand) after each use to extend its lifespan

Complies with standards

Our range of shakers complies with current European regulations


Our range of shakers is not designed for:

- microwave use

- storage in the freezer

- use with hot or carbonated liquids

- use with alcoholic drinks

Dimensions and weight of the 700ml shaker

Height: 24.2 cm

Max diameter: 9.6 cm

empty weight: 233 g



Bottle body: 100.0% Polyester; Lid: 100.0% Polyethylene; Complementary parts: 100.0% Polypropylene



2 Years

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This product was tested and verified by a panel of over 50 sports users via our Co-Creation Decathlon platform. Our bottle underwent 10,000 opening/closing cycles during the testing phase. Following this test, the cap maintained a perfectly hermetic seal. This shaker received an overall score of 4.29/5 from our users/testers 96% of testers recommended this product 96% gave it a 4 or 5/5 96% would buy this product after testing