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Our hunting and shooting design team developed this game bird decoy with a highly realistic velvet finish to better attract game birds.



Two game bird positions (eating and standing) possible with the stem included.

Abrasion resistance

The mesh carry bag is designed to protect the velvet finish of the decoy.

Visual efficiency

A realistic decoy, thanks to the velvet finish and the quality of the colours.


A game bird decoy with a more realistic, high-quality velvet finish

At Solognac, our aim for game bird shooting is to facilitate encounters between shooters and game birds. Which is the reason why we have made our 900 decoy even more realistic with a velvet finish. This high-quality 3D finish is more natural and reduces the shine of the decoy.

Several tests are necessary to produce a highly realistic decoy

When hunting for game birds in flight, it is very important that the decoy pattern is as realistic as possible. The velvet treatment on this model minimises the shine caused by the sun's rays and highlights the various shades of colour. After numerous tests in the field, we are convinced that this decoy will make your decoy pattern even more realistic.

The steps required to design this game bird decoy with a velvet finish

This decoy required several stages of development. As a continuation of the work we did on the 500 decoy, we decided to apply a velvet finish to the 900. Our teams conducted extensive research in order to choose the highest quality velvet, while also applying the right number of colours to produce an ultra-realistic finish.

A multi-purpose decoy: two positions possible with the built-in clip-on stem

When setting off to your shooting spot on foot, you often carry a lot of gear: shotgun, hide, carry bag, etc. When shooting game birds, it is not uncommon to carry 15, 20, 30 or more decoys. There are two holes on the top of this model to vary your pattern as much as possible. you can choose whether the decoy mimics a game bird that is eating or a game bird standing up with the built-in stem. This stem is under the decoy (no need to carry the parts separately and to risk losing the stem).

Mesh carry bag included

When they listened to our users, our design teams discovered that some hunting enthusiasts want a carry bag for their game bird decoys that does not damage their velvet finish. We listened closely to your comments: which is the reason why we are now offering this mesh carry bag that is closed with a cord, in order to protect your decoys during transport. Why mesh? Because it is easy to clean off any mud or sand.

How to position your decoys on the ground

Shooters are recommended not to install their game bird decoys at random.Three main considerations should be taken into account: the direction of wind, the direction from which the game birds will come, and where you are stationed. Several decoy patterns are possible, but if conditions are ideal (the wind blowing from behind you and the game birds coming head on), then place the decoys 20-25 m from your hide in a broad "U" shape on the ground so that the game birds come in to land in the middle.

Increase your chances of attracting game birds with these tricks

To further increase the realism of your array of decoys, we recommend that you supplement them with our 100 shell decoys, our 500 decoys and mobile decoys positioned facing into the wind (such as hypaflaps or rotating-wing game bird decoys for movement). Finally, wear camo clothes and don't forget your hide! For example, see our shield-style hide. These tips will enable you to spot the game birds in the distance slowing down, gliding and coming in to land.

Dimensions and weight

Length: 32 cm

Width: 17.5 cm

Height: 16 cm

Weight: 235 g alone (without the stem or bag)

Stem: 15 g

Bag: 35 g



Main part: 80.0% Polyethylene, 20.0% Polyethylene; Handle: 100.0% Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene; Carry bag: 100.0% Polyester

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

Do not store in a damp place or overexpose to sunlight. Gently remove dust, sand and other residues with water and a dry cloth. Never rub the decoy with an abrasive sponge.



2 Years