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Electric Folding Bike E-Fold 500 - Blue

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Very comfortable for regularly commuting around town or going for recreational rides. Easy to store at home, in a car boot or in a caravan.



36V / 7Ah (252 Wh) pannier-rack-mounted battery with a range of 30 km to 50 km.


Built-in luggage bracket at the front for the 25 L folding bike front bag.

Easy opening / closing

30 seconds to fold and unfold it. Simple levers for locking the hinges.


Take on false flats and steep bridges with ease with the motor's 35 Nm of torque


Download the Decathlon Ride app and unleash your bike's full potential.


21.4 kg (including battery + motor) and very comfortable.


Shimano Tourney 6-speed. Grip shifter for changing gear.

User comfort

Steel frame, wide saddle, ergonomic grips and adjustable stem.




The 252 Wh battery (36V / 7Ah) is built into the rear pannier rack. It is removable for easy transport.

It can be locked with a key to prevent it from being stolen.

Lifespan: 500 complete cycles (1 cycle = recharge from 0 to 100%). Beyond these 500 charge cycles, the battery still functions but not to its full, initial capacity.

Warranty: 2 years.The bike is sold with its battery and charger.You can order an extra battery for a greater range (ref: 8669826).

Battery life: 3 assistance modes.

- Eco mode: up to 50 km of battery range. It compensates for the bike's weight and allows you to go further.

- Normal mode: up to 40 km of battery range. It helps you easily deal with false flats and gives you an extra push when riding into the wind.

- Boost mode: up to 30 km of battery range for travelling faster at 25 km/h and dealing with steep bridges.

The battery life varies depending on the tyre pressure, gradient, conditions, and weight of the user and their bags.


LED control screen.

3 assistance modes:eco, normal, boost.

Indication of remaining battery life via a 5-bar gauge.

Various buttons for controlling essential functions:

- ''on/off'' button to turn the screen on and off.

- button with the lighting logo to switch the front and rear lights on and off simultaneously.

- a ''+'' and a ''-'' button to change assistance modes.

Connected via Bluetooth.


Download the Decathlon Ride app and unleash your bike's full potential!

The Decathlon Ride app is compatible:

- For Apple devices: iOS 8 and later versions

- For Android telephones: Android 7 and later versions.

For a greater range with an extra battery

You can of course buy an extra battery if you are going to be doing long rides with a lot of kilometres and/or over several days.

/!\ note:

The 36 V, 11.6 Ah battery (417 Wh capacity) is also compatible and provides between 45 and 70 km of battery life. It is available from after-sales service (ref: 8669826).


The brushless motor is located in the rear hub and provides 35 Nm of torque with a maximum power of 250 W.

The speed at which the motor will accelerate you up to 25 km/h depends on how hard you pedal and the mode that you have selected on the control screen.

A cadence sensor triggers this assistance when you pedal.

System to keep the bike folded

We've chosen to use a strap to hold the bike in position when folded. It also means that you can push the bike along in its folded position if you need to.

This system is simple and effective.

This rubber strap (elastomer) is fixed to the rear pannier rack and can be clipped to the stem to hold everything together.

We have performed durability tests on this strap: 2400 cycles (1200 plugs / 1200 unplugs) with a pulling force of 13 Nm.


Hi-Ten steel frame to keep you comfortable. The easy lateral-fold system means the bike takes up little space and fits anywhere: at home, at the office, in the boot of a car or in a campervan. In fact, you'll forget your bike is even there.

In order to improve your bike's stability once folded, the frame is equipped with a bike stand under its base.


Hi-ten rigid steel fork for greater durability.


* Equipped with a Shimano Tourney 6-speed derailleur to help you overcome any little difficulties you encounter on your ride (steep bridges, pushing off at red lights at a low speed). Changing gears is very easy using the grip shifter.

* 52T chainring.

* Shimano 6-speed freewheel (14/28). - smallest development: 2.96 m per turn of the pedals, 28 teeth

- largest development: 5.90 m for every pedal turn, 14 teeth.

Pedals / Chainset

* Fold-up pedals to reduce bulk when the bike is folded. Once the pedals are folded up and the stem folded down, the bike can be stored against a wall and takes up very little space.

* Aluminium chainring with 170 mm cranks

* Double chainring guard to stop the chain jumping and to protect it from dirt.


The aluminium V-Brake calipers guarantee effective and progressive braking.Aluminium brake levers.

Remember: The brake pads on electrically-assisted bikes wear down more quickly than a classic bike due to the weight and power of the motor.You will need to adjust your brakes regularly to keep them working reliably.

Stem / Handlebar

- Stem: aluminium, and the height can be adjusted to suit the rider and keep them comfortable as they ride.

Adjusting the height of the stem changes the angle of your back and position of your arms.

- Handlebar: steel. 22.2 mm diameter.

The grips have an ergonomic shape for greater comfort. You can change the incline based on your height.

Saddle / Seat post

Saddle wide, comfortable, seamless foam saddle.

Seatpost: aluminium. 31.6 mm diameter. It is marked to make it easier to adjust, with grooves to guide it and ensure that the saddle is always straight.

There is also a special "theft-proof" device so that the saddle can't be easily lifted off without tools.


20 inches.

Double-walled rims for greater durability and machined walls for better braking performance.

Steel hub with ball bearings.


* 20 x 1.75.

* Skinwall technology for better durability, efficiency and grip.

* Tyre sidewalls:

- reflective bands to make you visible at night

- brown for a vintage look

To reduce the risk of getting a puncture, optimise your battery range and enjoy a more efficient ride, we recommend inflating your tyres to 4.5 bar.

This is the maximum pressure for your tyres.

We recommend checking your tyre pressure every three weeks.


The lights are powered by the bike's battery.

- Front light power: 15 lux

- Rear light power: 5.4 lumens

You can turn them on and off by pressing the button on the control screen.

What you should know

They comply with French and German regulations, which are the most demanding.

For your safety, even if your battery is out of charge, the front and rear lights will stay on for another 2 hours.

Equipment and accessories

- Built-in pannier rack + luggage strap included.

- Built-in luggage bracket at the front for the 25 L folding bike front bag (ref: 8735484 / model released in March 2023).

- Height adjustable stand to adapt to the slope of the ground and your loads (front bag, panniers...).

- Front and rear mudguards.

- Bell.


Compatible with: - 25 L front bag that clips on in 1 second. It is specially designed for B'Twin folding bikes. The specific luggage bracket is directly built into the front of the frame (ref: 8735484 / model released in March 2023).

- the rear pannier rack city bike bags.

- the metal basket (ref: 8365778) for rear pannier racks.

- the 20" protective cover (ref:



Not compatible with:

- child seats.

- child trailers.

Bike weight

The bike weighs 21.4 kg (battery + motor included).

Its steel frame and fittings keep you nice and comfortable, although they mean that it weighs slightly more.

This bike is not designed for being carried frequently or for a long time.

You can carry it only when you're going up a few steps, or to put it in the boot of your car or your campervan's storage box.

The rest of the time, this bike can be rolled along while folded; the handle under the saddle allows you to do so comfortably.

User height and maximum load

This bike's geometry is comfortable for cyclists between 1.45 and 1.95 m tall.

This bike complies with the requirements of standard ISO 4210.

The maximum weight is 110 Kg (cyclist + bike + baggage).

Compact design

Folded (L/H/W):

84 x 73.5 x 46 cm.

Unfolded (L/H/W):

145 x 113 x 64 cm.

Certification of conformity

You can find the certificate of conformity on the support website by clicking on ''CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY" at the following link:

Care tips

Tyres lose pressure over time. On average, they lose 1 bar/week.

So remember to regularly pump up your tyres:Riding with under-inflated tyres reduces your battery range, requires more pedalling effort, and increases the risk of punctures.

Before performing any work on your electric bike (cleaning, electrical or mechanical maintenance), you must turn off your electric bike and remove the battery.

If you are not using your bike over the winter, charge it at least every 3 months.

Battery care and storage advice

/!\ Store / charge your battery in a dark, dry, cool place (+10°C to +25°C).

Do not store your battery when low on charge (1 flashing LED) as this could lead to a deep discharge which could affect its capacity.

Remember to charge the battery (even when you're not using it) at least every 3 months to prevent it going into a deep discharge.

If you can't charge your battery regularly, switch it to sleep mode, even though it goes into sleep mode automatically after two hours.


B'Twin offers a lifetime warranty on the frame (excl. hinge), stem and handlebar.Parts: 2 years, excluding wear and tear.



Bike frame: 100.0% Steel

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

Store the battery in a dry place at room temperature (between 20 and 25°C) away from any heat source.

Restrictions on use

Not suitable for tricks.



2 Years

Parts guarantee

B'Twin offers a lifetime warranty on the frame (excl. hinge), stem and handlebar.Parts: 2 years, excluding wear and tear.