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Colour: GREY / RED
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With the help of advanced climbers, our designers developed this shoe for technical progression at a high level, particularly on small holds


Easy dressing

Fastens with 2 rip-tabs making it quick put on and take off.


Slightly asymmetrical shape and narrow toe box for more precision.


Vibram® XS grip outsole. Top and heel grip for hooking

Fitting comfort

Flatlock seams, breathable mesh.Adapts to the shape of the foot.



Arch shape, asymmetrical and significant tension in the heel (moderate level). This shape is combined with a midsole to provide significantly greater precision and power during your movements on small holds.

Please note: this shape, suited to highly technical climbing, may reduce foot comfort slightly (especially on Greek-shaped feet). This is why we have chosen a moderate level to combine comfort and performance.


XS GRIP Vibram® 4 mm rubber

XS Grip is a soft, very grippy rubber for good traction, especially on flat or rounded holds.We used a soft rubber on the heel to conform to holds and to grip well when you plant your heel.

We reinforced the sole with a midsole to provide support and power.


We chose to develop the shoe's upper with synthetic leather lining (thickness= 2.5 mm) to prevent the shoe from loosening over time. We designed the tongue component to be highly breathable and provide foot comfort.


Did you know? The better a rubber’s grip, the more it wears out, especially in indoor climbing.

This is why we have chosen to work with a specialist recognised in the market since 1937, Vibram, and have carefully selected the rubber offering the best balance between strength and grip.

Our tests show that on average, rubber wears away in 6 months, on the front and/or top of the shoes. This can be more or less fast, depending on how you place your feet.


Is your sole worn out? Do not throw away your shoe. Visit our Decathlon stores to find out where to resole your shoe.

With your sole replaced, you can climb once again with the shoe already moulded to your feet.

Warning: as soon as you see synthetic leather through the rubber, you should stop using it and get the sole repaired. If you pierce the synthetic leather, resoling will not be possible.


If you are an intermediate climber, we recommend selecting a shoe size a little tighter than your everyday shoes (e.g. 1/2-1 size smaller) but it's important they don't hurt, so that your foot can develop mobility, proprioception, and strength.

If you are an advanced climber, we suggest you take the time to try different sizes (1 to 2 sizes below normal) to find the best compromise between comfort and compression for more force when pushing off.


Our first piece of advice is to never (under any circumstance) machine wash your shoes. Thermal and mechanical stress could damage them. We recommend that you wash them by hand, either with a sponge soaked in clean water or with a sponge soaked in soapy water (Marseilles soap), being sure to air-dry them at a stable temperate and avoid drying them on a radiator or in direct sunlight.



Upper of: 30.0% Polyamide, 40.0% Polyurethane, 20.0% Synthetic Rubber, 10.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate; Outer sole of: 100.0% Synthetic Rubber; Lining and sock of: 40.0% Polyamide, 60.0% Polyurethane


Test product

tested and approved by our professional climbers.


2 Years