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Double vibrating massage ball, mini-vibrating roller

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Our team designed this double vibrating ball with adjustable levels to make it easier to massage your back, neck and calves, after sport.


Easy transport

Take your double massage ball everywhere thanks to its small size.

Ease of use

Ideal for self-massaging on the floor or against a wall!


A double ball or mini roller to massage the back and calves.


3 vibration levels for improved efficacy and easier use.


Optimised design thanks to users

Our team of engineers and designers fully conceived and designed this double vibrating massage ball. It was optimised through tests with users and a physiotherapist. The intensity and speed of the 3 vibration levels were tested first-hand to better meet the needs of athletes.

For optimal ergonomics, the shape and curvature of the massage ball were also tested and reviewed thanks to user feedback.

Why use a double vibrating massage ball?

Thanks to the vibrations, the self-massage is deeper and requires less effort.Thanks to its 3 vibration levels with varying intensity, our double massage ball adapts to several body areas. Because the neck and calves are not massaged with the same intensity! The double ball can also be used without vibration on some areas, to suit your preferences

Which muscles should you massage with a double ball?

Our double massage ball was designed to be versatile. It adapts to a range of body areas based on the vibration level selected. Enjoy self-massaging your neck on a low level or without vibrations as well as back massages, along the spine on a low or medium level.Opt for a higher intensity on your leg muscles (calves, thighs) for a deeper and more intensive massage.

How to use the double vibrating massage ball

The double ball is used like a small massage roller. It allows you to reach various muscle areas and massage them using your hands or your body weight. For a self-massage on the spine, for example, you can just lean against the wall.

You can massage yourself just after your outing, in the evening or even on the following day.

For more examples and exercises, please watch our videos.

The added bonus: trigger point mode

Are you familiar with trigger points? They are tension points located on your muscles. Self-massaging these muscles helps you relax.For full massages after training, our design team has built a trigger point mode into the double vibrating ball. It's very simple: the tip on the side can be used for self-massaging points of tension.

What are the dimensions?

Diameter: 7.9 cm

Length: 14,7 cm

How to optimise my recovery

For optimal recovery after sports, do not hesitate to use a recovery drink, protein bars, compression or electrostimulation in addition to your vibrating massage ball



Metallic structure: 100.0% Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene; Coating: 100.0% Thermo Polymer Elastomer; Motor: 100.0% Steel; Bat: 100.0% Battery - LiPo; Screws: 100.0% Stainless Steel; Board for surf: 100.0% Copper; Cable: 100.0% Foamed Thermoplastic Polyurethane



2 Years