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Women's On/Off Piste Snowboard Bindings - SNB 100 White

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Colour: PURPLE
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We developed an essential snowboard binding, which allows you to discover sport and improve, on-piste and off-piste.


Anatomic design

Sizes: M: 4 to 7. L: 8 to 13.


With boards with normal inserts or Burton channel (not Burton 3D compatible)


Pair of bindings + 2 discs + 8 screws compatible with discs + 8 washers.

Fast acting

Classic binding + Turn Strap: The strap opens up to 180° so it doesn't get in the way.


Front/rear highback, straps.


EVA foam at the toes and heels.


Conventional fastening: pump up to the required level of support. No limit.


Good foot support at high speed on-piste and off-piste.


After-sales parts list

ref 8576631: 2 front strap screws + 2 rear strap screws

ref 8576570: 4 strap attachments (

ref. 8576632: 1 pair of front strap size M (size 3 to 7)

ref 8576633: 1 pair of front strap size L (size 8 to 13)

ref 8576569: 4 rear strap attachments

ref 8576639: 1 pair of rear M strap (size 3 to 7)

ref 8576638: 1 pair of rear strap size L (size 8 to 13)

ref 8576658: 1 disc + 4 screws 16 mm

ref 8576630: 2 highback screws


The SNB 100 snowboard binding is a traditional binding, designed to discover snowboarding and support your progress on groomed slopes and off-piste.

It offers all the basic functions for a good snowboard binding (comfort, support, and rigidity to steer the board), but without additional options to make it as affordable as possible. There is no adjustment of the angle of the highback and you will need to use a screwdriver on the strap screws.

Adjustment options

The SNB 100 binding allows you to easily centre your feet on the board thanks to:

- 3 positions for screws on the disc: 18 mm of adjustment between minimum and maximum

- Adjustment of the highback from front to rear: +12 mm of additional adjustment.

The aim is for the shoe to hang over the board as much at the toe as the heel.

The straps can then be adjusted to the boot with the pre-drilled positions on the straps.

Opening mechanism

Turn Strap System: The strap is mounted onto a hinge which allows it to turn towards the outside when you lift your foot.

When putting the boot on, the space is therefore free to insert the boot into the binding without any discomfort. This also prevents the strap and the hooks getting crushed with the boot.

Stance, binding spacings

The stance is the distance between the 2 bindings in cm. It can be adapted according to your body shape but be aware that all snowboards have a recommended stance for bindings (shown by a mark between the binding inserts). If you want to position your feet further apart or closer together on the board, do the test to see if you are best placed.

How do I change my stance on the board?

For piste / off-piste boards:

If you want to tighten the feet then it’s best to move the binding forwards only.

On the other hand, If you want to move the feet apart then it’s best to move the binding backwards. The aim is to be a little further back to take the bends better on piste and to float on the powder snow.

For freestyle boards (symmetrical):

It is best to move the 2 bindings to remain centred on the board.

At what angle should I put my snowboard bindings?

For a freeride run, we recommend +18° at the front and 0° at the rear. For a versatile freestyle run, try +18° et -6°. The rear foot opening lets you change when riding switch.

For pure freestyle runs, choose completely symmetrical angles such as +15° et -15° for example.

Angle choice on bindings is a very personal thing. Feel free to check out what others are doing and try out different options. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Don't forget to centre your boot on your board!

Disc bindings with 4 screws can slide along a single axis and generally have 5 possible settings. This setting is used to centre the boot on the snowboard and prevent the foot from protruding over the edge of the board too much (otherwise you will fall!). Make sure that your boot goes over the 2 sides of the board equally. You can also rotate the disc by 90 ° to put more or less stance than anticipated by the inserts. In this case, the bindings can’t be centred laterally.

What size should I choose for my snowboard bindings?

M = sizes 4 to 7 (UK)

L = sizes 8 to 13 (UK).

But just as you would always try on a shoe with your own foot, we strongly recommend trying on the bindings with your snowboard boots because, depending on the brand, a particular size of boot can vary in volume.

Compatibility with Burton Channel boards

The Burton snowboard brand has its own system for mounting bindings the Channel. The binding is screwed on 2 movable inserts present at the purchase of the board.

Our disc makes it possible to mount this bracket on the channel, as the holes make this possible.

However, the screws supplied with our discs are not compatible in diameter. The Burton insert is also different from the rest of the market. You will need to buy Burton screws.



Chassis: 70.0% Polyamide, 30.0% Glass Fiber; Strap: 3.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, 97.0% Thermoplastic Polyurethane; Buckles: 100.0% Aluminium; Screws: 100.0% Stainless Steel

Tips for storage and maintenance


Storage tips

Regularly tighten all the screws on the bindings.<br /> Storing for the summer: you can leave the bindings on the snowboard.


Test product

All Snowboard by Decathlon products are tested under the actual conditions of use for which they were designed. Under the snow, in the cold, in all weather conditions when snowboarding on powder, in the snowpark, or on the runs. Our design teams, product managers, engineers and pattern makers ensure the product's design corresponds perfectly to its real-world use


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