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Kid's 5' SHORTBOARD 900 20 L. Comes with 3 FCS2 fins

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Designed for young advanced surfers aged between 8 and 12 weighing less than 40 kg Developed by our team of enthusiasts in the Basque Country.



Comes with 3 FCS2 4” fins (S) and a FCS2 plug with a screw compatible with FCS1.


Epoxy resin, fibreglass layers. Wood stringer and Innegra reinforcements.

Ease of handling

Squash tail and assembly with a 3-fin thruster.



Volume (L):20

Weight (kg): 2 with fins

Size (inches): 5' X 17" X 2 1/8"

Size (cm): 152 X 43 X 5


Handmade from laminated Epoxy resin with stringer for greater robustness.

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam base 30 kg/m3.

Top: 2 fibreglass layers (6 oz and 4 oz)

Bottom: 2 fibreglass layers (6 oz and 4 oz) on the back, 1 layer (6 oz) on the front

Rails: 2 6 oz fibreglass layers + rear reinforcement patches.

Tail: 2 fibreglass layers (6 oz and 4 oz) + Innegra reinforcement patches.

5 mm paulownia wood stringer.

Benefits of EPS/EPOXY boards

We chose this type of construction for our surfboards, because it offers numerous advantages.

The epoxy resin is more resistant to impacts and dents than polyester resin, which makes the board more hard-wearing.

The board is more reactive and can gather more speed

The EPS foam (expanded polystyrene) floats better, meaning that, for the same volume, you have more buoyancy than with a polyester /polyurethane board.


Co-creation Olaian Ambassadors and Jeremy Smith (Hendaye )

Tail: squash to facilitate pivoting of the board.

Double concave on the rear foot and single concave on the front foot which provides a good compromise between contact with the waves and rail to rail transition.

Assembly and disassembly of the FCS2 fins

1) ensure that the small side screws are unscrewed.

2) clip the front of the fin into the slot at the front of the box

3) press the back to clip it in

4) To secure the fitting you can screw in the little screws with an FCS-type tool

to dismantle

WARNING: after unscrewing the little screws

The fin needs to be pushed back and forth to unclip it. Protect your hands so you do not injure yourself on the edge.


The board has a Flexi Hex® honeycomb case inside a sturdy box.

This case is reusable in your surfing cover to protect it while transporting.

Behaviour on the water

Find the rules of good behaviour in the water on our Olaian site



Main filling: 100.0% Epoxy Resin; Foam core: 100.0% Polystyrene; Top sheet: 100.0% Glass Fiber; Metallic structure: 100.0% Wood

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

Use a carry bag. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and high temperatures.

Restrictions on use

This board is not suitable for young beginners.


Test product

Olaian is based in Hendaye in the Basque Country (France). All year round, our design teams devise and develop attractive, simple and technically advanced products. We then test them in waves in collaboration with our ambassadors and sea professionals in the strictest conditions. We are convinced that, for us to progress, there is no substitute for the real-life situations you will experience.

Parts guarantee

2 years, excluding breaking in half, bumps or nicks.