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Electric Folding Bike E-Fold 100 - Black

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Designed for people who want to travel by bike occasionally and have the benefit of a simple, basic, compact folding bike with electrical assistance.



36V / 7Ah (252 Wh) pannier-rack-mounted battery with a range of up to 35 km.


Compatible with the 25 L folding bike front pannier bag. Rear pannier bags and basket.

Easy opening / closing

30 seconds to fold and unfold it. Simple levers for locking the hinges.


Take on false flats and steep bridges with ease thanks to the motor's 35 Nm of torque.


19.9 kg (including battery + motor). 18.1 kg without the battery.


Single gear for simple, pleasant rides on relatively flat terrain.




The 252 Wh battery (36V / 7Ah) is built into the rear pannier rack.

It can be removed and easily carried.

The battery is guaranteed for 500 full charge cycles (1 cycle = recharge from 0 to 100%). This means that the battery's performance will be over 80% of its maximum capacity for up to 500 charge cycles.

The bike is sold with its battery and charger.You can order an extra battery from after-sales for a greater range (ref: 8801778).


Steel V-brake calipers.

Aluminium brake levers.Remember: The brake pads on electrically-assisted bikes wear down more quickly than a classic bike due to the weight and power of the motor.You will need to adjust your brakes regularly to keep them working reliably.

Compact design

Folded (L/H/W):

84 x 73.5 x 46 cm.

Unfolded (L/H/W):

145 x 113 x 64 cm.


Compatible with: - the 20" protective cover (ref:


- the 25 L front bag for B'Twin folding bikes, which mounts on the bike's luggage bracket (ref: 8735484 / model released in May 2023).

- the rear pannier rack city bike bags.

- the metal basket (ref: 8365778) for rear pannier racks.


Not compatible with:

- child seats.

- child trailers.


With its single gear and single assistance mode, this bike is the perfect way to avoid working up a sweat, even when riding into the wind or climbing a false flat.

* 52T chainring.

* 1 single 16T rear cog

The single gear is easy to use and maintain.

At low and moderate speeds, pedalling is slow and easy.

At faster speeds, up to 25 km/h, or when going downhill, you'll need to pedal faster.

With just 1 gear, it's harder to push off on steep inclines.

Equipment and accessories

- Built-in rear pannier rack.

- Built-in luggage bracket at the front for the 25 L folding bike front bag (ref: 8735484 / bag released in: May 2023).

- Stand that can be adjusted based on the gradient of the ground or how much luggage your bike is carrying (front bag, panniers, etc.).

- Front and rear mudguards.

- Bell.


Hi-ten rigid steel fork for greater robustness.


The frame is made from hi-ten steel for added comfort. The easy lateral-fold system means the bike takes up little space: and fits anywhere: at home, at the office, in the boot of a car or in a campervan. In fact, you'll forget your bike is even there.

In order to improve your bike's stability once folded, the frame is equipped with a bike stand under its base.


The lights are basic battery-powered lights.

They can't be recharged via USB or powered by the bike's battery.


The brushless motor is located in the rear hub and provides 35 Nm of torque with a maximum power of 200 W.

The speed at which the motor will accelerate you up to 25 km/h depends on how hilly your journey is and how much weight the bike is carrying.

A cadence sensor triggers this assistance when you pedal.

Pedals / Chainset

* Fold-up pedals to reduce bulk when the bike is folded. Once the pedals are folded up and the stem folded down, the bike can be stored against a wall and takes up very little space.

* Steel chainring with 165 mm cranks

* Double chainring guard to stop the chain jumping and to protect it from dirt.


The E-Fold 100 gives you up to 35 km of battery range.

To check the remaining battery level when the battery is turned off, press the button on top of the battery, at the back of the bike.

The LEDs will light up to show you the battery level.

The battery life varies depending on the tyre pressure, gradient, conditions, and weight of the user and their bags.

Saddle / seat post

Comfortable, seamless foam saddle to stop water getting in when it's raining.

Seatpost: steel. 31.6 mm diameter.

Simple, basic electrical assistance

The E Fold 100 is our entry-level model, designed to be simple and basic to use.

Never worry about knowing how and when to change gear or when to change assistance mode!

This bike has just one gear and there's no control screen on the handlebar, since there's only 1 assistance mode.

To turn on your electric assistance, hold the button on the battery for 3 seconds, and away you go!

Nothing to think about other than pedalling.

Stem / Handlebar

- Stem: aluminium, and can be folded but the height can't be adjusted.

- Handlebar: aluminium. 22.2 mm diameter.

System to keep the bike folded

When folded, this bike is held in position by a system of clips by the wheels.

This keeps your bike compact so that you can store it easily.

In its folded position, the stem is not held to the frame.

However, with the wheels aligned, the bike can be rolled along while folded. This can be really useful if you need to occasionally move the bike in this way.

If it's a feature that you'll use a lot, then the E Fold 500 bike (ref. 8615468) is what you need.


* 20 x 1.75.

* Skinwall technology for better robustness, efficiency and grip.

To reduce the risk of punctures, optimise your battery range and enjoy a more efficient ride, we recommend inflating your tyres to a pressure of 4.5 bar.This is the maximum pressure for your tyres.

We recommend checking your tyre pressure every three weeks.


20 inches.

Double-walled rims for greater strength.

Steel hub with ball bearings.



Bike frame: 100.0% Steel

Tips for storage and maintenance


Storage tips

Store the battery in a dry place at room temperature (between 20 and 25°C) away from any heat source.

Restrictions on use

Not suitable for tricks.



2 Years


Ecodesign approach

With ecodesign, we reduce the environmental impact of our products.

Analysing the product's environmental footprint enabled us to identify the most impactful stages of its life cycle. Thanks to this approach, our design teams were able to develop this product while significantly reducing its environmental impact.

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    Designed to reduce environmental impact

    Product made with a CO2eq reduction of 16% compared to the previous or similar product

    Our design teams are working to develop processes that will reduce the impact of a product, while preserving its technical characteristics. This reduction relates to the following indicators: climate change, air pollution, water pollution and resource depletion.

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    By replacing aluminium with steel, CO2 emissions linked to the material can be reduced by at least 74%.

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