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CRESSI Ref. 8758390 4590659

Scuba Diving Computer DONATELLO blue

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Colour: BLACK / BLUE
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Cressi has designed this computer for certified scuba divers, for managing air or Nitrox dive parameters.



The batteries can be replaced by the user (CR 2430). Decathlon ref: 8656527

Easy reading

Simple display with large characters. Back-lighting (continuous or on-demand).

Ease of use

navigate menus with 1 single button. Large-character display


User-replaceable protective display screen.

Parameter measurement

Air and nitrox (21 to 50%) dive mode Depth gauge mode Freediving mode



Technical features

- High-contrast display with extra-large numbers

- Easy-access menu

- 12/24-hour time format with calendar

- High-power backlit display

- Surf time, desaturation and no-fly time calculator

- Low-battery indicator

- Metric or imperial units

- Maximum depth: 120 metres

Dive Mode (Air/Nitrox)

- Cressi RGBM algorithm

- Complete diving data processor

- PPO2 1.2-1.6 system

- Graphic indicator of CNS oxygen toxicity level

- Safety stop indicator

- Multi-level safety factor mode

- Altitude mode

- Algorithm to manage uncontrolled ascent

- Suitable for repeated, multi-day decompression diving

- Time display during the dive

- Enable/disable Deep Stop function

- Breach alarm

Freediving Mode

- Display of all diving parameters

- Depth

- Temperature

- Dive calculator

- Maximum dive depth alarm

- Dive time

- Interval time on the surface between each dive

- Session length

- Depth, dive time and surface interval alarms

- Recovery time alarm

- Time display during the dive

Depth gauge mode.

- Depth/temperature display

- Average depth

- Diving time in minutes and seconds

- Resettable depth timer

- Time display during the dive

Dive log (Logbook)

up to 50 dives per mode

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

After rinsing with clean water, store your computer in a dry place away from direct light.

Restrictions on use

Diving requires the certification of an instructor.



2 Years