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SEAFLARE 1300 lumens Scuba Diving Torch

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Colour: GREY
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Aqualung has designed this diving torch to improve your underwater experience, allowing you to enjoy the real colours of marine life.



varies between 3 to 10 hours depending on the mode (1300/500/200 lumens)


320 grams (including battery)


1300 lumens maximum Spotlight (angle 8°)


Li-ion 26650/3,7V battery USB charger with charge indicator


Lighting power

1 SST-40 LLD with maximum power of 1300 lumens

Narrow light (spotlight) with an 8° angle

3 intensity levels:

- maximum: 1300 lumens

- medium: 500 lumens

- minimum: 200 lumens

Can be used both underwater and on land as a normal torch, thanks to its electronic temperature regulation system

Rechargeable battery

Battery type: CR 26650

USB charger with digital display for tracking the battery charge progress, power in amps and percentage level

Battery life, in max power mode: 3 hours

Battery life in medium power mode: 4 hours

Battery life in minimum power mode: 10 hours

Polarity reversal protection to ensure your diving torch works even if the battery has been incorrectly installed

Complies with air traffic standards: the battery is separable

Dimensions and weight

Length: 15 cm.

Head diameter: 4.9 cm.

Body diameter: 3.5 cm.

Weight without battery: 224 grams.

Weight including battery: 320 grams

IPX8 water resistant up to a 150 m depth

Pack composition

- torch

- 1 CR 26650 battery

- 1 USB charger

- 4 beam deflectors in interchangeable colours (blue, glacier, pink and tropic yellow)

- 1 lanyard

- 2 spare O-rings



Body: 100.0% Aluminium; Battery: 100.0% Battery Lithium

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

It is important to store diving equipment away from sources that produce ozone. Keep your equipment in a dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.

Restrictions on use

Diving requires the certification of an instructor.



2 Years