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Scuba Diving Regulator CALYPSO DIN 232 bars

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Colour: BLACK / GREY
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Aqualung has designed this compact, lightweight and easy-to-maintain scuba diving regulator beginner divers and clubs.


Compact design

very compact in-line mechanism


weight: 575 g One of the lightest on the market!

Mouth comfort

Flexible and robust Comfo-Bite mouthpiece helps reduce jaw fatigue


reduced number of parts and simplified disassembly for easier maintenance



DIN connection (max 232 bars / 2900 psi)

Maximum working pressure 232 bars

Unbalanced piston mechanism.

Flow rate at 200 bars: 1300 L/min.

In-line body with 1 HP outlet (7/16") and 4 MP outlets (3/8").

Chrome-plated marine brass body.

Stainless steel spring

Sintered bronze conical filter

EPDM O-rings

Weight: 400 g


Unbalanced downstream valve mechanism

Venturi adjustment knob (ergonomic design for ease of use, even with gloves).

Average work of breathing (WOB): 1.0 joule/litre

Polyurethane valve

Adjustable stainless steel crown

Polyurethane purge cover

Soft and sturdy Comfo-Bite mouthpiece to reduce jaw fatigue

Hose length: 730 mm

Weight: 175 g


Make sure you put the dust cap on properly.

Soak the regulator in a tray of fresh water.

DANGER: If you use a hosepipe, do not use a pressure jet to clean the 2nd stage. The pressure of the jet could damage the membrane and/or the internal valve.

Wipe the regulator dry.

Do not expose your regulator to full sunlight for a lengthy period.


Store your regulator in a clean environment away from light and at a moderate temperature.

Do not store it near a source of heat or in a room that may contain chemical vapours like chlorine, ozone, etc. (e.g. a swimming pool machine room).

Never store the regulator on top of a cylinder/tank

DANGER: Never use solvents or hydrocarbon-based products to clean or lubricate your regulator. Never use spray cans.


Aqualung advises you to service your regulator every two years and to make a visual inspection at least once a year.

These two inspections should be carried out by a Aqualung approved workshop

Your regulator should be services more frequently depending on the number of dives and conditions of use.

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

It is important to store diving equipment away from sources that produce ozone. Keep your equipment in a dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.

Restrictions on use

Diving requires the certification/supervision of an instructor.



2 Years