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High Frame Mid-Drive Motor Electric Hybrid Bike E-ACTV 500 - Lavender

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Explore the great outdoors with peace of mind and a smile on your face thanks to its range of 150 km. Ride comfortably on both roads and trails!


Anatomic design

Adjustable handlebar position: stem adjusts from -10° to +60°.


Up to 150 km (in eco mode). Built-in, removable battery. 504 Wh capacity.


Compatible with rear pannier racks, child seats and trailers.


Yamaha mid drive motor. Max torque: 55 Nm.

Puncture resistance

Reinforced tyre with rubber + nylon protection. Puncture protection rating: 5/5.


Download the free DECATHLON RIDE app to get advanced metrics


What does e-actv 500 mean?

The acronym ACTV stands for "ACTIVE". We've designed this bike for everyone looking to adopt a more active lifestyle and reconnect with nature. The "e" means that this is an electrical assistance bike.

Characteristics of the Yamaha PW-C2 motor

Motor: Yamaha PW-C2.

Max light output: 250 W

The maximum power (at thermal equilibrium) is limited by e-bike standards. All bikes have the same maximum power.

Max torque: 55 Nm

Torque is a better way of comparing e-bike motors. The motor's torque corresponds to the force that the motor is able to exert on the cranks.

The electrical assistance cuts out above 25 km/h in accordance with EU regulations.

A mid-drive motor for better handling

The mid-drive motor better distributes the weight across the bike compared with a hub motor. The motor and battery are positioned low down and between the wheels. The result: the bike is easy to handle, just like a traditional hybrid bike.

A mid-drive motor for dynamic, progressive assistance

With a mid-drive motor, the power of the assistance is directly adjusted based on your pedalling effort:

- When the slope that you're riding up increases, the motor detects that you're pushing harder on the pedals and instantly helps you more.

- When you slow down, the motor detects that you're easing up your pedalling and instantly reduces the assistance.

The result: assistance that's easy to control.

Assistance controlled by the torque sensor.

A mid-drive motor for better handling up hills and better range

Like you, the mid-drive motor benefits from the gear reduction.

The assistance is therefore more effective up hills than with a hub motor of the same power.

The energy efficiency of the mid-drive motor is also better than that of a hub motor. The bike's range is therefore greater than with a hub motor paired with a battery of the same size.

4 levels of assistance to manage your effort

5 assistance settings:

Mode 0: assistance off

Mode 1 (eco): increases your power by 70%: if you're pedalling at 100 W, the motor adds 70 W.

Mode 2 (tour): increases your power by 150%: if you're pedalling at 100 W, the motor adds 150 W.

Mode 3 (sport): increases your power by 220%: if you're pedalling at 100 W, the motor adds 220 W.

Mode 4 (boost): increases your power by 280%: if you're pedalling at 100 W, the motor adds 280 W.

Walk mode: helps you when walking alongside your bike.

Battery life: important information

The bike's display shows an estimated remaining range in kilometres. This information underestimates the bike's range. The bike displays a maximum range of 97 km in 100% eco mode, instead of the 150 km range estimated during our tests.

The actual range of the bike is not affected by this problem. Only the estimated range displayed is underestimated.

We're working with Yamaha to correct this problem and propose a software update for the bike.

Up to 150 km of range with your trekking e-bike

The battery range varies depending on the weight being transported (user + load), the elevation gain, the wind and the outside temperature.

Our tests have assessed the maximum battery range on relatively flat terrain without a load (no pannier bags or trailer):

Mode 1 (eco): up to 150 km

Mode 2 (tour): up to 100 km

Mode 3 (sport): up to 65 km

Mode 4 (boost): up to 40 km

Built-in, removable battery

Lithium-ion 36 V - 504 Wh battery.

Locked into the bike's frame for better integration and protection.

Quick release with key (3 keys included) to recharge it. Built-in carry handle.

Made with Samsung battery cells, which are known for their high reliability and safety.

500 charge cycles guaranteed without loss of battery life.

Weight: 3.1 kg

Compatible with a 360 Wh battery extender (sold separately). Reference: 8655251

Battery charging

Can be charged directly on the bike or off the bike.

Fully charges in 7 hours with the 2A charger provided.

Compatible with the Rockrider 4A charger for faster charging (ref: 8753941).

Can you ride with a flat battery?

Yes.If the battery is flat or isn't attached to your bike, the weight of the bike and the motor will make it much harder to ride than a traditional hybrid bike. But you can still ride it if you break down.

Electrical and electronic components that resist dust and rain.

All of the electrical components (controller, motor, battery, etc.) are resistant to dust and rain (IPX-5).

This means that you can leave your bike outside in the rain without the battery. Any water that might get into the hole where the battery would normally be will run off the bike and won't damage the components.

Do not wash with a pressure washer.

Built-in lights

Press on the lower arrow at the side of the bike's screen for 3 seconds to turn on the light.

Lights powered by the bike's battery:

- LED AXA NXT60 front light. Power: 60 lux.

- LED rear light fixed to the rear mudguard.

The rear light remains active (on lower power) for 4 minutes after turning off the bike.

Colour control screen

Colour control screen on the left of the handlebar.

Information available:

- current speed

- motor power and user power

- battery percentage

- estimated remaining range (in km)

- distance covered on this journey (manual reset)

- total bike distance

Use the switch next to the bike's left handle to choose your assistance mode.

USB port (USB-A) for charging a smartphone (1.5 A).


The Trekking e-actv 500 bike is compatible with the free DECATHLON RIDE app.

Ride with your phone connected to the bike via Bluetooth, and after your ride you can see:

- Your route and all data connected to your ride

- Statistics on use of assistance modes

- Updates to your electrical components

The app is compatible with the following operating systems:

- For Apple devices: iOS 8 and later versions

- For Android phones: Android 7 and later versions

Choose your version: low or high

We have designed two versions of the e-actv 500:

- Low frame version: The low frame version is easy to get onto. You only need to lift your leg 43 cm. This is particularly useful when you're using a child seat.

- High frame version: The high frame version is stiffer and gives you more precise steering, particularly on rough terrain and when you're carrying a heavy load.

The high frame version will be available from summer 2024.

Choosing the size of your e-actv 500

Sizes available for the low frame version: Size S: 1.50 m to 1.65 m.

Size M from 1.66 m to 1.77 m.

Size L: 1.78 m to 1.90 m.

Sizes available for the high frame version: Size M from 1.66 m to 1.77 m.

Size L: 1.78 m to 1.90 m.

Size XL: 1.90 m to 2.01 m.

If you're between 2 sizes:

Get the smaller size if you want a more upright position.

Get the bigger size if you want a more stretched-out position.

Adjustable handlebar position

You can adjust the position of the handlebar by adjusting the angle of the stem using an Allen key.

Raise the stem for a more upright back position. Lower it for a sportier position.

Handlebar width:

- S and M: 640 mm

- L and XL: 680 mm

Stem: - Length: 90 mm, diameter: 31.8 mm

- Stem angle adjustment: from -10° (angled down) to +60° (raised)

Headset: 1⅛".

Ergonomic grips made from resin + cork composite.


Suntour SF15 NEX-E25 suspension fork.

- Spring: coil

- Steerer tube: 1⅛" aluminium

- 63 mm travel

- Aluminium blade

Puncture-resistant tyres

ROCKRIDER PROTECT+ all-terrain tyres offering excellent puncture protection (maximum level of 5/5).

Dimensions: 700x47 mm (ETRTO 47-622)

Puncture protection level: 5/5

Type of protection: 3 mm high-density rubber + polyamide band dual protection

Reflective strips: yes

Carcass: 60 TPI

Weight: 1010 g

Tubeless compatible: No

Microshift Acolyte derailleur

We've chosen to use the Acolyte derailleur because of its durability.

8 gears: reducing the drivetrain to just 8 gears means bigger – and therefore sturdier – cogs.

"Single click" switch: avoids gear changes being too quick when the chain is subjected to stresses that could damage it.

12x42 cassette: we've opted for a cassette with 12 teeth, rather than 11, on the smallest cog. This makes the cassette last longer.

The drivetrain in detail

In detail:

- MICROSHIFT H083 12x42T 8-speed cassette

- Single chainring: Miranda 38T anti-chain-drop (3D chain flow) chainring

- 170 mm cranks

- KMC E8 chain with master link

- Rear derailleur: MICROSHIFT ACOLYTE




Reinforced (double-walled) asymmetric rims

Inner width: 25c

Not tubeless compatible


32 front and 32 rear

Rustproof treatment (galvanised)

Hubs: Sealed cartridge bearings.

Axles: Quick release


Rockrider Trekking long ride saddle.

We conducted morphological studies aiming to understand where the pressure points are on different body types. We designed the size of the saddle and selected the foam so as to better distribute these pressure points. The saddle was then tested in real use and updated based on feedback from our testers.

Aluminium frame

Aluminium frame.

The main tube is made using gravity casting. This technology makes it possible to create complex tube shapes with variable thicknesses. This allows us to strengthen the tube where needed so that it remains stiff and durable.

Maximum tyre size compatible with the mudguard: 700x47 mm

Disc brakes

TEKTRO T280 hydraulic disc brakes (160 mm front and rear diameter).

Hydraulic brakes are more precise than cable-actuated brakes and the level of braking is easier to control.

Aluminium platform pedals

We've chosen to use wide platform pedals to keep you more comfortable and give you a feeling of stability. Aluminium pedals.

Optional pannier rack

The bike has universal attachment points. It is compatible with most pannier racks available on the market. We've developed a pannier rack that is specifically designed for the e-actv 500 (ref. 8828232). It is easy to attach to the frame using 4 screws, and needs no further adjustment.


The stand is fixed to the rear chainstay. This means that you can push your bike along without the pedals getting caught in the stand.

Maximum load supported by the stand: 35 kg.


The mudguards ensure that there is always 6 mm of space between the tyre and mudguard. They allow you to ride on dirt tracks without mud getting clogged between the tyre and the mudguard.


Compatible with: • bottle cage: 1 fixing point on the frame. If you need a second bottle, we recommend using a fabric bottle holder on your handlebar.

• rear pannier rack: compatible with most pannier racks available on the market. We recommend our dedicated rack (ref: 8828232)

• frame lock (ref: 8735625)

• pannier-rack-mounted child seat

• frame-mounted child seat

Not compatible with central stands.

Bike weight

24.5 kg in size M (with battery)

21.4 kg in size M (without battery)

Maximum load

The e-actv 500 is approved for a total maximum load of 120 kg:

user + bike + additional load (bags, child, etc.).

Type approval

The type approval certificate is available on the Decathlon support website.



Bike frame: 100.0% Aluminium

Tips for storage and maintenance


Restrictions on use

Not suitable for mountain bikes and BMX.


Test product

Before they reach our stores, our bikes are tested in the lab and outdoors by numerous bike-trekking enthusiasts. They ride several thousands of kilometres to be properly approved.

Parts guarantee

Lifetime guarantee: frame, stem and handlebar. Parts: 2 years.