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Adult Badminton Racket Astrox 99 Tour

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Designed for intensive badminton players looking for power and precision.



A head heavy balance and NAMD material ensure maximum power


ENERGY BOOST CAP+ and an extra thin shaft for better flexion


A stiff shaft provides incredible accuracy during quick hits


83 g weight to maintain good racket speed

User comfort

AERO + BOX FRAME for added stability at impact


About the Astrox series

The ASTROX (which replaces the VOLTRIC range) is a powerful racket that meets the needs of players with an aggressive offence. These rackets have a head-heavy balance so you can attack with confidence and put away every smash.


83 g - 4U (80-84 g). The weight (actually the mass) is measured in grams. A badminton racket's weight ranges from 60 grams to over 100 grams and is classified into different "U" weight ranges. The lighter a racket is, the more manoeuvrable and comfortable it will be. It's also easier to swing and faster, although less powerful. On the other hand, a heavier racket will be more powerful but less comfortable.


stiff.Flexibility is defined as the shaft's capacity to bend while hitting. Shafts can range from flexible to rigid.A flexible shaft is more forgiving and will help you hit the shuttlecock further, although your shots will be slower. While a rigid shaft provides better propulsion, it requires a fast swing and is less forgiving.


Head heavy.

Balance refers to the racket's weight distribution. It is indicated in millimetres and is measured from the base of the handle to the balance point. A head light racket will be more manoeuvrable and reactive, making it perfect for defensive and doubles players. Head heavy rackets will provide better power, the ideal choice for offensive players. However, they can feel heavy and difficult to swing.


Frame: HM Graphite / NANOMESH NEO / VOLUME CUT RESIN / Tungsten

Shaft: HM Graphite / Namd

The composition of a badminton racket will influence its price. Steel and/or aluminium rackets are sturdy, heavy and better suited to recreational use. Graphite/aluminium and full graphite rackets are lightweight and perfect for beginner and intermediate players. Finally, rackets made from High-Modulus Graphite and other materials like tungsten are designed for more demanding players.


675 mm.

The length of an adult's racket is measured in millimetres and ranges from 660 mm to 680 mm. In fact, the shaft is the only part that changes in length. A shorter shaft will be more manoeuvrable and provide a better feel. A longer shaft will offer increased inertia for added power.

Grip size

G5 = small (80-84 mm)

Grip size is measured in millimetres. Grip size ranges from 75 mm to over 90 mm and is categorized into size ranges expressed in "G". While a larger handle is easier to hold, many players have difficulty changing their grip. A smaller handle is easier to wield and lets you put more power on the racket by using your fingers.

Original strings

The rackets come factory strung with Yonex strings with a 0.70 mm gauge (not available from stores). Only very high-end rackets made in Japan are factory strung with BG65 strings with a 0.70 mm gauge.

Pre-strung and recommended

Factory tension: 8-10 kg.

Tension recommended by the brand: 8-13 kg.

The rackets come with a tension that ranges between 8 kg and 10 kg, depending on tension losses that occur during transport. Each brand indicates a recommended tension, generally somewhere between 8 kg and 12 kg. This is to prevent the string or frame from breaking while stringing or hitting. Finally, some rackets have a reinforced frame that can withstand a tension of up to 16 kg.

String pattern: mains * crosses Stringing instructions for 68 eyelets: A = top, B = bottom


Stringing instructions: 4 knots

Mains: start from top centre and string until B9. Go through B12 towards A12, then go back to A10, down to B10 and finish by tying off at B8.(same other side)

Crosses: Make a knot at B6 and start crosses from B9. Keep on stringing until A6 and finish by tying a knot at A5.

Nanomesh Neo

First generation graphite makes the frame more durable and flexible.This material increases shaft flexion for maximum power and a quick recovery after each hit


Tungsten in key areas on the racket's head allows for direct energy transfer so that you get the most power out of your shots.

Rotational Generator System

By applying the principle of counterbalance, weight is distributed from the end of the handle towards the head for maximum control. The transition to the next shot can be done smoothly and in rapid succession

Aero+Box Frame

The frame combines an aerodynamic front profile with an extra stiff rear profile for a faster swing and a solid, stable feel when hitting the shuttlecock.


Epoxy resin offers durability with less material and a lighter weight. When used with the ROTATIONAL GENERATOR SYSTEM, the racket's weight distribution is taken to a new level.


New dimension graphite material is attached directly to the graphite's fibre so that the shaft stores energy when flexing and redistributes it while hitting for an explosive show of power


A high-performance shaft precisely designed with an original Yonex moulding technique. Improves your hitting performance.


Material designed to create a head heavy balance for added power


An even thinner shaft with NAMD material that improves your swing speed for incredibly powerful and quick shots.


The new top cap maximizes shaft performance. The front optimizes shaft flex and allows for maximum use of the Namd material. The arch-shaped curve stabilizes the racket's frame, preventing the shaft from twisting


The built-in T-joint reinforces the connection between the shaft and frame while reducing twisting for greater control

Article code and colour

AX99-T White Tiger

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Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

Avoid major temperature fluctuations.<br /> Store in its bag, particularly when cold.


Parts guarantee

The frame is guaranteed for 1 year under normal use (strings are not covered).