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Surfboard FOIL 4'7" 38 L

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Designed for advanced foil surfers weighing between 70 and 90 kg.



US box with 9cm axis compatible with all foil decks on the market.

Glide performance

Radical and fast performance shaping.


Reinforced EPS/EPOXY construction with carbon reinforcements.


EVA pads glued to the deck.



For strapless foil surfing in waves from knee to head height. Its shape allows you to pump and surf with good speed, and its short size allows you to make tight turns and pump your way up more easily.


(Inches) 4'7" X 20" X 3" 3/8

(cm )140 X 50.8 X 8.5

Volume 38 L

Weight 4 kg

Reinforced construction

EPS core 30kg/m3

2 x 5mm thick wooden stringers.

2 x 6oz layers on the deck + 4oz patch under the feet.

2 x 6oz layers + carbon patch on the box.

US box mounted on PVC box.

Epoxy finish.


Rails designed to not stick to water when bouncing.

Tail designed for easy take-off.

Hull flat at the tail and double concave at the nose.

Foil box

Two 9cm interaxial US boxes compatible with all foil decks on the market.

Positioning the foil

Position the foil at the rear to increase stability in large waves.

Position the foil in the centre for conventional use.

Remember to tighten your deck mount before each use.

Leash (not included)

Built-in leash plug.


The boards are delivered in a reusable, plastic-free Flexi Hex® protective packaging.

Tips for use

As with all foil activities

-Be sure to check the depth and proximity of rocks in the area to avoid collision.

-avoid crowded surfing waves.

-inquire about any restrictions on foiling in your area.

-respect the priority rules for surfers.

-make sure you are protected (helmet, boots, etc.) even if you have a very good level.



Board for surf: 5.0% Carbon, 40.0% Polystyrene, 20.0% Glass Fiber, 5.0% Wood, 30.0% Epoxy Resin

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

If possible, store in a cover away from UV rays and high temperatures.

Restrictions on use

This board is not suitable for beginner foil surfers.


Test product

Validated by foil surfers and our teams in the Basque Country.


2 Years