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Electrical Assistance STAND UP PADDLE AND KAYAK

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Electric assistance means you can go further and paddle with less effort. Fixed to the underside of your sup or kayak, it acts like an electric motor.



Mode 1: 120 min Mode 2: 90 min Mode 3: 45 min 100 Wh LG Lithium Battery

Compact design

Size: 50 centimetres Diameter: 8 centimetres


Compatible with kayaks and stand up paddle boards with "slide" type fin bases

Ease of use

PLUG&PLAY electric motor kit, easy to install and easy to use


Weight of motor + battery: 1.7 kilograms


200 Watt motor power Motor thrust: 2.8 kg thrust


Wireless remote control with ON/OFF button, battery level and 3 speeds


IPX8 waterproofing: waterproof to 1 metre Floating control and motor



Which watercraft is my electrical assistance motor kit compatible with?

The electrical assistance motor kit is compatible with all Kayak and Stand Up Paddle touring vessels fitted with sliding fin boxes.

Compatible with Itiwit models and models of other brands.

SUP: 8511826, 8511826, 8731486, 8552986, 8511824, 8511825, 8403342, 8552992, 8753679, 8603061, 8736000, 8642807.

KAYAK: 8486041, 8387561, 8511866, 8387563, 8584852, 8387560

How do you recharge the electrical assistance battery?

Unscrew the nose of the electrical assistance by turning it to the left, disconnect the battery cable if it is connected, remove the battery, and connect the charger to the battery connector.

How long does it take to recharge the battery?

It takes 3 hours to fully charge the battery.

What are the recommendations for using the battery?

Please note that the battery is not waterproof. Do not handle with wet hands.

It is imperative that you store and charge your battery in a cool (between +10°C and +25°C) and dry place away from the sun.

Do not store the battery discharged to avoid deep discharge which could lead to malfunction.

Remember to recharge the battery (even when not in use) at least every 3 months to avoid deep discharge and deterioration of the battery's capacity.

Do I have to wait until my battery is completely discharged to recharge it?

No, lithium batteries do not have any memory effect, you can recharge your main battery whenever you want even if it is not completely discharged.

How do I put the battery in my electrical assistance and connect it?

Insert the battery in the correct direction with the battery connector facing down.

Connect the motor cable to the battery and then close the motor nose, aligning the mark with the lock, and then turn it clockwise 1 turn until the mark is aligned with the lock again.

To ensure proper sealing, the gasket must be clean and in good condition, and the motor nose must be screwed on properly.

How do I install the electrical assistance on my kayak or stand up paddle board?

The electrical assistance is fixed in the place of one of the fins of your watercraft. Remove one of the fins if one is installed, insert the motor in its place, and insert the pin to secure the assembly.

Do the electrical assistance and remote control float?

When used normally, the motor will not come loose. But if this happens because of an impact or poor assembly, the motor will float on its own with the orange part out of the water for easy location.

Similarly, if the remote comes loose, it also floats.

What happens if I fall off the craft and the electrical assistance is on?

When the remote control is submerged, the assistance switches off within a few metres.

However, this distance may vary depending on whether you use it in fresh or salt water.

In all cases, keep the remote control with you and use a board or paddle leash to allow you to switch off the motor from a distance.

Do you have to paddle to start the electrical assistance?

The electric assistance is activated simply by pressing the central button on the remote control after having selected the desired assistance speed (1, 2 or 3). However, we have designed this product to assist paddling and strongly recommend that you paddle at the same time in order to get the most out of your outing and to optimise battery life and the distances covered.

Can I take my battery on a plane?

The conditions for transporting lithium batteries may vary between countries and airlines, but in most cases the transport of batteries with a capacity of less than 100 Wh is allowed in hand luggage.

Always check with the airline.

Are the components waterproof?

The remote control and assistance are waterproof to IPX8, which means that the products can be continuously immersed to a depth of 1 metre.

Be careful though, as the battery and the inside of the motor are not waterproof, so it is important to keep the inside free of water.

Can I leave the charger connected to the battery even if it has finished charging?

Yes, the charger and battery are designed to be connected for up to 24 hours. However, we recommend disconnecting the charger once the battery is charged.

What should I do with my battery when it is worn out?

When your battery is worn out, return it to your local Decathlon shop, where it will be processed by a specialised organisation.

How do I pair my electrical assistance with the remote control?

To pair the remote control with your assistance, connect the main battery within the assistance, close the front part, turn on your remote control. Next simultaneously press the + button and the - button for 3 seconds; a blue LED will start to blink. The synchronisation with the motor is automatic, and as soon as the 4 red battery level LEDs appear at the bottom of the remote control, it is connected to the motor.

How long does the remote control last?

The battery life of the remote control is about ten hours. When the remote control battery is low, a red light will start to flash slowly when less than 30% is left and quickly when less than 10% is left. The remote control battery should be recharged using the cable provided.

Even if the light starts to flash, the remote control battery is designed to last at least one full ride using your electrical assistance.

How do you charge the remote control?

The remote control is supplied with a cable with magnetic connection; connect the cable to the remote control and the USB port to a USB socket.



Motor: 10.0% PCBA, 30.0% Stainless Steel, 60.0% Electronic Component; Battery compartment: 100.0% Battery Lithium; Main part: 100.0% Polypropylene; Chassis: 100.0% PCBA

Tips for storage and maintenance


Storage tips

Avoid heat, do not leave the product or battery in the sun. <br /> Do not leave the battery connected all the time.

Restrictions on use

Never put objects in the propeller


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Parts guarantee

Warranty: 2 years