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Adult Padel Racket - Bullpadel Vertex Comfort 24 Martin Di Nenno

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Are you looking for a powerful racket without losing control and performance? The Bullpadel Vertex 04 Comfort by Martin Di Nenno is the perfect choice!



Customise the weight and balance with the Custom Weight system.


Curvaktiv system and high balance for stiffness and maximum power.


Rough Top Spin surface for better ball rotation (more spin).

Vibration dampening

Less vibration and torque thanks to the Vextex core which distributes weight.


Provided by the aerodynamics of the new Air Power system (-50% ARC).


FIBRIX outer material: Hybrid fibre (carbon and X-Glass)

Hybrid component (carbon and X-Glass fibreglass) fused with a more elastic resin than what is typically used to give the core more flex and elasticity.

Internal material: MultiEVA

The new MultiEva is made of 2 densities; the outer rubber layer is more compact to react to fast balls and provide greater power and precision. The lower-density inner layer reacts to slower balls, offering greater control on strikes and ball releases.

Air Power technology

This technology follows on from the Air React Channel, a channel created from a hollow piece at the racket throat. This piece is lighter and less susceptible to warping, resulting in a stronger structure.

Vertex technology

The Vertex throat distributes weight and force by dampening vibration and twisting while increasing rigidity. Plus, the diamond-shaped head makes it easier to hit volleys and powerful shots.

Curvaktiv system

The twisted structure of the racket's frame offers more stiffness for maximum resistance to torsion.

Carbon Tube technology

100% carbon fibres are integrated into the frame, woven in different directions to achieve a balance of power and control.

Top Spin technology

Rough surface for optimal spin off the racket.

Grip Custom Weight

The Grip Custom Weight on the racket grip features a cap that can be replaced with a heavier one (5 to 10 g) to obtain the desired level of power or control.

Racket chosen by Argentinian pro player Martín di Nenno

The Bullpadel Vertex 04 Comfort offers an extraordinary level of performance and maximum power for advanced players. This season, WPT no.7 player Martín Di Nenno will be using it.

Weight: 360-370 g.

In reality, the weight is measured in grams. Just like the balance point, the weight impacts a racket's swingweight and therefore its manoeuvrability, stability and ability to transfer energy to the ball (power). The heavier the racket, the more power you'll get, but the harder it will be to handle. Conversely, the lighter the racket, the easier it will be to handle, but the less powerful it will be.


This is the racket balance point, measured in millimetres from the bottom of the racket handle.

The larger the number (head-heavy balance), the more power and stability you'll get from the racket and the heavier it will feel (even if it's not a heavy racket). However, you'll have to give up some manoeuvrability. The smaller the number (grip biased or handle heavy), the easier the racket will be to handle, but the less power and stability you'll get.

Who is this product for?

The Bullpadel Vertex 04 Comfort is recommended for advanced or professional players with a powerful playing style.

The excellent combination of materials, as well as structural characteristics, allow you to optimise your performance at the net, for power shots, and for fast play. However, its innovative technologies (Fibrix surface and MultiEva core) will give you control, manoeuvrability and comfort.



2 Years