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Weight Training Triceps Pull Rope

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This pull rope is the essential accessory for specifically targeting muscle groups in the arm and forearm.



A pull rope for working your triceps, biceps and abs


Ultra-robust braided rope. 2-year guarantee.


Dimensions of the pull rope

- The rope measures 30 cm in length (15 cm on either side of the hook)

- Maximum load 100 kg

What equipment can you add the pull rope to?

The weight training pull rope complements the weight training equipment you already own, provided you're equipped with a weight training pulley (ref.: 8651535).

If that is the case, you can use it with:

- The Folding Rack (ref: 8616805)

- The fold-down wall rack (ref.: 8651534)

- The 900 cage (ref.: 8766092)

- The 900 home gym (ref.: 8484134)

Work with this rope thanks to our trainer's advice

It's the ideal accessory for working the arms in isolation (biceps and triceps).

- Build muscle mass: by doing 8 to 12 repetitions with a moderate load

- Tone your triceps with sets of 12 to 20 repetitions with a lighter load

Each time, start on the low range of repetitions (with a scope of 2 repetitions) and increase by one repetition per week until you reach the high range. Then increase the weight, starting from the low range, etc.



Main fabric: 100.0% Polyester

Tips for storage and maintenance

Restrictions on use

For home use only, maximum load of 100 kg.



2 Years