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Fitness Gym Ball Air Pump 0.9 L - White

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  • Fitness Gym Ball Air Pump 0.9 L - White
  • Fitness Gym Ball Air Pump 0.9 L - White
  • Fitness Gym Ball Air Pump 0.9 L - White
Colour: WHITE / GREY
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Inflate your gym ball easily with this ultra-compact dual-action pump. Its mini format means you can take it anywhere.


Compact design

Very small (115 g) for easy transport and storage.

Ergonomic grip

Easy to use to inflate your gym ball!


A dual-action system makes quick and easy work of inflating your ball.


Why choose our pump?

"The pump is quick and easy to use to top up your accessories with air for more comfortable workouts. The pump moves 0.9 L of air per stroke.

Pump dimensions:

- 30 cm high

- 5 cm wide


- 115 g

Ultra-compact, super-efficient!

Inflating a gym ball with your pump

"Fully inflate your gym ball using a tape measure to check the diameter. Here are the maximum diameters of our different gym balls:

- size 1 = 55 cm,

- size 2 = 65 cm,

- size 3 = 75 cm. Finally, sit on the ball and check that your knees are at hip level. If not, adjust the inflation level accordingly.

You can also use the pump to inflate your soft ball or textile instability cushion.



Bottle body: 100.0% Polystyrene; Handle: 100.0% Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

We recommend storing your pump in a cool place.

Restrictions on use

Not suitable for inflating weighted balls.


Test product

To guarantee the quality of our pump, we subjected it to a rigorous round of tests. You should also know that the pump is made from materials that are guaranteed to be free of harmful substances.


2 Years

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"A small, practical pump that doesn't take up much space and quickly inflates the gym ball," says Mélodie, user of this product.