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Weight Training Bar 28 mm 2 m

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Colour: PURPLE
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Ramp up your weight training workouts with this robust 2 m bar. Lift a maximum of 160 kg with 28 mm weight discs.



Steel bar. Warranty: 5 years.Maximum load: 160 kg

Muscular workout

Build muscle: - Biceps - Triceps - Pecs - Back - Legs (squats)


Knurled handles for better grip.


Bar dimensions: 2 metres


- 2 metres


- 9.75 kg

Max weight load:

- 160 kg

Diameter: fits 28 mm weight discs.

Grip width: 134 cm

To keep the weight discs secure, we recommend using this product with our smart disc collars (ref.: 8574652)

Which weights can you use with this bar?

This bar is compatible with all 28 mm weight discs (ref.: 1042303).

You will need to use disc collars (ref.: 8574652).

Which accessories can you use with this bar?

This bar can be used with the fold-down weight training rack (ref.: 8616805). You can use the bar holder to store your bar.

You can do even more exercises with a weight training cage (ref.: 8766092) and a bench (ref.: 8766093).

Lifting straps (ref.: 8642608) or gloves (ref.: 8595171) can make your weight training sessions more comfortable.

Tips from our training on using the bar

With this bar, you can do polyarticular exercises with weights to gain muscle.

- Squats 4×6-10 reps

- Bench press 4×6-10 reps

- Incline bench press 4×6-10 reps

- Shoulder press 4×6-10 reps

- Barbell rows 4×6-10 reps

Stop two reps short and take two minutes to recover. You can add reps and weight as you get stronger.



Bar: 100.0% Steel

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

Do not store in a damp place or outdoors to avoid corrosion.

Restrictions on use

For home use only.Maximum load 160 kg.



5 Years