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250 ml Tubeless Preventative Sealant

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  • 250 ml Tubeless Preventative Sealant
  • 250 ml Tubeless Preventative Sealant
  • 250 ml Tubeless Preventative Sealant
Colour: PURPLE
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Designed for keeping your tubeless tyres airtight and repairing punctures



For tubeless and tubeless ready gravel, road and mountain bike tyres


250 ml bottle

Ease of use

Easy to use as its cap is compatible with Presta valves

Puncture resistance

Repairs holes up to 3 mm wide


What do you use it for?

Protect’Air Max is a puncture-preventing and self-repairing sealant. Protect’Air Max is compatible with tubeless road and mountain bike tyres.

If you have tubeless tyres, you need to use it because it's what keeps them sealed.

It prevents and repairs punctures of up to 3 mm wide instantly and definitively in tubeless and tubeless light tyres.

For maximum efficiency, you'll need to regularly top up your tyre's sealant.

How much?

For maximum efficiency, we recommend applying the following quantities (per wheel)

26 x 2.0: 60 ml

27.5 x 2.2: 80 ml

29 x 2.2: 90 ml / 6.76 fl oz


Test product

Used by several professional mountain bike teams


2 Years

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Many users around the world