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Badminton Racket Explorer I - Black

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Colour: PURPLE
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Designed for occasional badminton players looking for durability, this racket is ideal for beginners learning badminton.



104 g weight for greater power


Isometric head for a larger hitting zone


Aluminium frame and steel shaft for increased durability


EXPLORER unstrung weight: 104 g - 1U (+95 g)

The weight (actually the mass) is measured in grams. Rackets can weigh anywhere from 60 to over 100 grams. They are sorted in weight classes expressed in "U". The lighter the racket, the more manoeuvrable and comfortable it will be, while also hurting your arm less and increasing your swing speed. On the other hand, a heavier racket will be more powerful.

EXPLORER composition: aluminium/steel

The price of a badminton racket is affected by its composition. Steel and/or aluminium rackets are sturdy, heavy and better suited to recreational use. Graphite/aluminium and full graphite rackets are lightweight and perfect for beginner and intermediate players. Finally, rackets made from High-Modulus Graphite and other materials like tungsten are designed for advanced players.

EXPLORER length: 675 mm

The length of an adult's racket is measured in millimetres and ranges from 660 mm to 680 mm. Only the shaft length will vary. A shorter shaft length will be more manoeuvrable and provide a better feel. A longer shaft will offer increased inertia for added power.

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Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

Avoid major temperature fluctuations.Store in its bag, particularly when cold.


Parts guarantee

The frame is guaranteed for 1 year in normal use, stringing is not guaranteed.