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Badminton Racket Nanoflare 002 Ability - Yellow

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Colour: PURPLE
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Designed for regular badminton players looking for manoeuvrability and comfort.



AERO frame plus the Sonic Flare System for a faster swing


Weight of 83 g and head-light design for good racket speed

User comfort

TFA CAP for vibration dampening and a better thumb fit on backhand shots


About the Nanoflare series

A racket designed for speed. The Nanoflare (replaces the Nanoray range) is designed for speed to meet the needs of defensive and doubles players. The balance is more towards the grip for a speedier swing and better handling to put more speed on the shuttlecock.

Nanoflare 002 Ability weight: 83 g - 4U (80-84 g)

The weight (actually the mass) is measured in grams. Racket weights range from 60 g to over 100 g. They are grouped into weight categories expressed in "U". The lighter the racket, the more comfortable and easier it will be to handle. It will put less stress on your arm and feel faster to swing. The heavier the racket, the more power you'll get.

Nanoflare 002 Ability flex: Flexible

Flexibility is defined as the shaft's capacity to bend while hitting. Shafts can range from flexible to stiff. The more flexible the shaft, the more forgiving and comfortable it will be. It will also help you hit longer shots. The stiffer the shaft, the more repulsion power and precision you'll get, but you'll also need to be able to swing quickly. You should also keep in mind that a stiff racket is not very forgiving.

Nanoflare 002 Ability balance: Head light

Balance refers to the racket's weight distribution. It is indicated in millimetres and is measured from the base of the handle to the balance point. A head-light racket will be more manoeuvrable and responsive, making it perfect for defensive and doubles players. Head-heavy rackets will provide more power, making them the ideal choice for offensive players. However, they can feel heavy and difficult to swing.

Nanoflare 002 Ability composition: Graphite

The price of a badminton racket is affected by its composition. Steel and/or aluminium rackets are sturdy, heavy and better suited to recreational use. Graphite/aluminium and full graphite rackets are lightweight and perfect for beginner and intermediate players. Finally, rackets made from High-Modulus Graphite and other materials like tungsten are designed for advanced players.

Nanoflare 002 Ability length: 675 mm

The length of an adult's racket is measured in millimetres and ranges from 660 mm to 680 mm. Only the length of the racket shaft varies. The shorter the shaft, the easier it will be to handle and the better the feel. A longer shaft will give you a higher swingweight for added power.

Nanoflare 002 Ability grip size: G5 small (80-84 mm)

Grip size is measured in millimetres. Grip size varies from 75 mm to over 90 mm and is categorised into size ranges expressed in "G". While a larger grip is easier to hold, it can make changing your grip more difficult. A smaller grip is easier to wield and lets you put more power on the racket by using your fingers.

Nanoflare 002 Ability factory strings

Rackets come pre-strung with Yonex multifilament string with a gauge of 0.70 mm.

Nanoflare 002 Ability factory tension: 8-9 kg/17.5-20 lbs

Tension is expressed in kilograms (kg) or pounds (lbs). Rackets are strung at around 9 kg (20 lbs), but note that strings lose tension over time.

Nanoflare 002 Ability recommended tension: 9-13.5 kg/20-30 lbs

Every brand recommends a maximum tension for their rackets to prevent the string or frame from breaking while stringing or hitting. Some rackets have a reinforced frame that can take a tension of up to 16 kg/35 lbs.

Nanoflare 002 Ability string pattern: 22⨯21

The string pattern is indicated with the number of vertical strings ⨯ the number of horizontal strings. In badminton, these are referred to as mains ⨯ crosses. A more closed string pattern will give you greater power and comfort, but the strings won't last as long.

Stringing instructions for 76 holes with the first cross at A8: A = top, B = bottom

4 knot stringing instructions. Mains: start from top centre and string down to B9 (skip holes A8 and A10). Go through B12 towards A15, then go back to A13, down to B10 and finish by tying off at B8. (same other side)

Crosses: Make a knot at B6 and start crosses from B9. Keep on stringing the crosses until A8 (skip holes A11 and A9) and finish by tying a knot at A5.

Nanoflare 002 Ability frame technology

HT Graphite, AERO Frame, ISOMETRIC, Sonic Flare System

Nanoflare 002 Ability shaft composition

Graphite, Slim Shaft, TFA CAP PLUS


Frame with an aerodynamic head profile to reduce air resistance, resulting in faster shots


The Isometric design increases the sweet spot by 7%*. A square-shaped Isometric racket creates a larger sweet spot than a classic round frame by optimizing the intersection of the mains and crosses.

Sonic Flare system

New ultra-thin, flat profile that deforms upon impact with the shuttlecock to give your shots more speed

Slim shaft

The thinner shaft enables it to slice through the air more easily, generating a faster, more powerful shot.


The cap gives the shaft more flex for faster returns and dampens vibration while offering a better fit for the thumb on backhands

Article code and colour

NF-002A Yellow



User tips

Recommended strings for a player looking for control: NANOGY 95, for hard-hitting players: NANOGY 98

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

Avoid major temperature fluctuations.<br /> Store in its bag, particularly when cold.


Parts guarantee

The frame is guaranteed for 1 year under normal use (strings are not covered).