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Open Water Swimming

What is Open Water Swimming?

Open water swimming is a swimming discipline that takes place outdoors in areas such as open oceans, lakes, and rivers. It does get competitive, with competitions worldwide, but you can also practice it at a more leisurely pace (depending on the weather). Competitive Open Water Swimming is normally freestyle, and of course, it comes with its problems and challenges when it is outdoors. Covering large distances can be tricky; swimmers may get lost due to the current, waves, wind, and poor visibility. This has resulted in specialist swimming gear that Decathlon proudly stocks. 

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What are Some of the Best Ways to Keep Warm during Open Water Swimming? 

The cold is one of the most frequent problems that an Open Water Swimmer faces (a far cry from a heated indoor pool). Neoprene swimming socks keep your feet warm and prevent the toe cramping and curling that can occur when they lock up and get cold. They can also help you climb any slippery, cold, wet rocks as you leave the water. 

Our surf ponchos are 100% cotton and 100% organically produced that will help you dry off quickly (or change when there are no changing rooms available).

Swimming caps keep your hair out of your face and eliminate drag in the water, allowing you to swim faster. Visibility in the open water is a crucial element of drafting (swimming as close to the swimmer ahead of you to reduce the water resistance

You will feel some water seeping through the seams to form a thin layer that will come to body temperature, and your feet will benefit from good thermal comfort. Our Open Water swimming clothes fit the wearer due to a well thought anatomical design. 

Decathlon has a range of neoprene products that will keep your body at an optimum temperature in cold water. Some water must be let in to regulate your body's temperature, resulting in optimum thermal comfort. 

Can Open Water Products Be Used for Other Sports?

We offer products from head to toe that can also be used for other aquatic activities. Our line of wetsuits is flexible and comfortable, allowing for use in triathlons and surfing. A bright-coloured buoy that can be easily spotted from a distance (with a buoyancy factor of 200 N) and also has pockets for extra supplies that you may need in the water. We also have waistbands that are brilliant for attaching a swimrun cord that can be disconnected/connected quickly in a race. We have also developed a pull buoy support system that can quickly be detached from your body out of the water but keeps your buoy close and secure while in the water. They can be adjusted to suit your needs so they do not interfere with your swimming form and performance

Our wetsuits have 2 mm of Neoprene in the arms, resulting in an overall better range of motion that you will need if you compete in different water sports. This is perfect for triathlons and swim runs; they can also be taken off quickly as you switch disciplines. 

What other accessories do you need for Open Water Swimming? 

We provide products on the beach and in the water; we know there is more to Open Water Swimming than just the water. We have asked ourselves many questions; how will I change on the beach if there are no changing rooms? How do I keep warm and dry out of the water? How will I store my soaking wet gear? Decathlon has provided answers in the forms of a portable cubicle, surfing ponchos, and a wetsuit bag

Underarm panels and strips down the side of our surf ponchos make it easy to change out of your wetsuit once you are finished with your swim session. Of course, some swimming areas may be isolated, and there will not be facilities, so Decathlon has thought ahead. 

The shell is coated in plastic to protect your car's body from damage. We have buckets and bags to transport your soaking wet wetsuit when you do not have the time to let it dry. We also have a combination lock (4-digit combination) that will allow you to put your car keys in it while you surf or swim, allowing for added peace of mind when training. 

We offer a two-year return policy on all of our Decathlon products and a 365 days return on online orders. We have a home delivery service and offer free in-shop pick-up.

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