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Poncho Season with Decathlon

When you are out enjoying the sun and the sea and it’s time to head home there is nothing more nerve wracking than trying to change from your bathing suit into your clothes, enter the poncho! A poncho is one of the underestimated pieces of beachwear that has multiple uses and can be called the swiss army knife of beach wear. Our team at Decathlon has created a stylish and affordable range of men's ponchos for you to bring along on your sun holiday this year or to the local beach for your swim.

What can I use a poncho for?

Ponchos can be used during numerous sporting activities including surfing, swimming, kayaking, rowing and even fishing. They provide many benefits including warmth, an extra layer of coverage when you are getting changed and the material is soft against your skin.

Ponchos can provide an extra layer of warmth when you exit the pool or sea from a swim. The warm cotton layer can warm your skin and bring your body temperature back up to normal levels and help prevent you catching a cold. This is especially useful for those winter swimmers and surfers out there! A poncho can be very useful while changing out of your wetsuit into dry clothes. Attempting to change on a beach can be tricky at the best of times and a poncho can provide some coverage for you while you swap clothes to help ensure you don’t have a wardrobe malfunction! The material of a poncho assists in the drying off process also as the absorbent cotton material can soak up all the excess water and leave you dry and ready to change into your clothing. If you buy a poncho with a hood this can also be used to dry off your hair when you exit the sea.

Mens Ponchos

Our range of men's ponchos come in a variety of designs for you to choose from. The most popular poncho is the basic poncho cut that comes without a hood that is perfect to dry off and get changed after surfing or swimming sessions. It’s compact nature makes it perfect for trips away to the beach and the absorbent eco design material ensures that it dries quickly so it doesn’t soak your other clothing or the boot of your car. The stretchy underarm panels and side openings at the hips make it easier to get changed and protect your modesty as an added bonus. Another variation of the humble poncho is the hooded poncho which provides some extra benefits. The hooded poncho can help to keep you warm after your surf or swim and can also be used to dry your hair! Our range of pochos come in a variety of stunning print designs and colors for you to choose from and you can pick and choose the size that suits you best! Our range of ponchos also come in a variety of materials including 100% eco designed cotton so you can help do your part for the environment! The lightweight nature of a poncho ensures that you can bring it along on any trip to the beach or lake and store it in your bag without it taking up too much space. This is also important for when you are wearing the poncho as when it becomes wet the poncho will not be too heavy and feel uncomfortable. The warm cotton material ensures you will be warm and dry in no time.

Best Poncho for me

The best poncho for you is one that fits you correctly first and foremost. After this you can decide if you prefer a poncho that has full length arms, three quarter length arms or no arms at all depending on your preference. If you are environmentally friendly then we also provide ponchos that are eco-designed by our team with 100% organically produced cotton. Finally, you can choose from a range of our designs to see which color or design best suits your personality! The best poncho for you is the one that best suits your style as all of our poncho range are excellent at their core functions of helping you stay warm, providing some coverage when you are changing out of your swimwear and help you to dry off when you exit the sea or lake.

Ponchos for everyone at Decathlon

Explore our full range of men's ponchos online or in-store today and don’t forget to check out our range of men's swimsuits and women's swimsuits available in a variety of colors, styles and sizes.  If you have any questions regarding our selection of ponchos feel free to reach out to us online or ask a member of our staff in-store and they will be happy to advise you on the best poncho for you! Enjoy your next surf or swim with your new poncho!