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kiprun laufschuhe
kiprun laufschuhe

Every day at the foot of the Mont-Blanc, DECATHLON's dedicated hiking and trekking teams leave the beaten track to satisfy your expectations.
Although the technical details vary depending on the sport, the objective remains the same: to enable everyone to experience emotions, challenge themselves, recharge their batteries and enjoy the mountains.

To achieve this, the design teams follow 5 main creation steps: from the observation phase to the field test, everything is thought out and then developed to create the perfect backpack that will follow you on all your journeys.

So Ready to play?

Understand you better to
get off to a good start


Our backpack product managers begin their work by observing you. They keep an eye on your sport activity, and an ear to the ground listening to what you really want. They try to understand what drives you and spot the smallest details that are not found in the field.
Some models are even developed in collaboration with our passionate customers.

kiprun laufschuhe

The blank page before
it's on your back


Welcome to our designers' playground. Finding the right shape for your sport, the details that will simplify your adventure, the perfect size to achieve your goals, the pockets, the straps, the components... the list is long, but it all has to fit into one backpack!

Of course, the teams look for solutions that have the least environmental impact, are durable and repairable. The most common spare parts are available if necessary.

kiprun laufschuhe

Then one day the backpack
comes to life


Finally, before it comes to life, it takes shape thanks to the prototyping phase in our workshops.
Remember the designers' first sketches? Based on these drawings, the prototypists build up the volume, checking the feasibility and the various possible assemblies.
It's rare for the first prototype to be the final one.
1, 2, 3 versions... we don't count just until we find the model you'll have on your back.

kiprun laufschuhe

The tests
start here


Zero compromise! Once the prototype has been validated by the design teams, it's ready for the laboratory and field tests. Strength, comfort, morphological analysis... nothing is left to chance, we make sure that the backpack meets all the requirements.
Users must test and approve the backpack unconditionally and without hesitation.

kiprun laufschuhe



The backpack is now yours! Once it's been validated by the testers and the design teams, it's ready to go!
It's now available in store, ready to accompany you in the mountains and on the trails.

But don't think we're going to let it out into the wild without following it, we carefully analyse all of your reviews so that we can use your feedback to improve our future products.

kiprun laufschuhe

Materials that push
the boundaries

Ripstop - Toile Enduite - Membrane

You can be sure that your belongings will be protected from the rain thanks to a hydrophilic membrane, and that you won't have to worry if you fall thanks to the Ripstop technique that limits tears and snags... you can trust your backpack and, above all, our choice of components.

kiprun laufschuhe

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