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Whether on Sundays or every day, cycling is becoming an increasingly important part of everyone's activity. To keep fit or get around, cycling is a great way to enjoy the open air and still get somewhere. Decathlon has a wide range of bikes for every occasion, from racing bikes to mountain bikes to kids' bikes and many more.

For those cycling enthusiasts who want to up their activity a notch, we recommend a bike purchase. This way, riders can enjoy going even faster and further each time they go for a ride.

There are many types of bicycles on the market to choose from, so here is an overview of some of the most common models available:

City bike : A good choice for commuters who want to avoid traffic, city bikes, as their name implies, are ideal for short city rides. These models are often full of features, such as mudguards and baskets.

Mountain bike : Not just built for climbing mountains, mountain bikes can take on any terrain thanks to their wide tires and sturdy frame. This type of bike is perfect for those who want to take their cycling adventures off the beaten track.

Women's bicycle : A type of bike specifically designed for women, this model takes into account the fact that men and women have different physical characteristics, so it provides a comfortable and engaging ride.

These are just three examples from Decathlon's wide range of bicycles available

Decathlon also thinks about your safety, which is why it only stocks bikes that meet the required safety standards. Helmets, reflective clothing, lighting... We have everything you need to ride safely.

For more information about cycling, visit your local Decathlon store or check out our website!