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Hiking Clothing

Hiking and Trekking Clothing with Decathlon

Hiking and Trekking is a great way to spend a day or a weekend. Exploring forest trails or trekking through mountain terrain provides you with energy and a sense of achievement. Our expert team at Decathlon has created an exquisite range of hiking and trekking clothing catered towards men, women and kids in a variety of styles and sizes and all available to order from the comfort of your home or by visiting us in-store today. If you are on the market for new hiking and trekking clothing as a beginner or you are looking to upgrade your old gear, we are sure that we have the clothing option for you. 

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Hiking and Trekking Fleeces, Jackets and Pullovers 

Decathlon stocks hiking and trekking gear for all weather conditions and seasons. Beginning with our range of fleeces and pullovers which provide you with much needed warmth when on a cold morning hike through the mountains in Winter. Our range of fleeces are ideal for the colder weather and also come with pockets so you can store your personal belongings along your hike. Designed to keep body heat in but also be breathable, our range of fleeces and pullovers will ensure that you can keep warm and enjoy your hike. If the weather is too warm for a sweater or fleece but too cold for a t-shirt we would recommend a stylish vest designed for hiking and trekking. All of our hiking fleeces, pullovers and vests are available in a variety of sizes and colors for you to choose from. Our product range has mens fleeces, mens pullovers and mens jackets for trekking while also offering a stylish selection for women that includes womens hiking jackets and womens long sleeved fleeces. No hiking and trekking outfit is complete without a warm waterproof padded jacket to keep you warm in the outdoors. Designed to work in colder temperatures our range of waterproof jackets will keep you dry on your hike and can also be used on your daily walk. For those beautiful summer hikes we would recommend one of our breathable cotton t-shirts available in a variety of beautiful designs for both men and women. Choose from long-sleeved and short-sleeved options. 

Hiking and Trekking Pants

When you have chosen the best hiking and trekking tops for you it is time to choose the best pair of pants and leggings for your trek. Being prepared for all possible weather outcomes is important when planning a hike but our team has done all the thinking for you to create a range of hiking pants and leggings for men, women and children that will keep you warm while allowing you freedom of movement. Beginning with our durable mountain trekking pants that offer waterproof protection, made from non-abrasive material and comes in a variety of colors and sizes for you to choose from. Trekking pants are the perfect wear for bad weather and those winter month hikes. If trousers are not for you, how about a pair of leggings that are not only comfortable but also durable to withstand outdoor conditions? For the warmer summer season check out our range of hiking shorts and hiking skirts that will keep you cool in warmer weather. Our range of hiking shorts provide you with a durable pair of hiking trousers that still allow you freedom of movement so your stride is not compromised and also comes with pockets so you can store your personal belongings such as your phone and wallet. Another item of clothing that should be considered for men, women and children is warm underwear. Our range of underwear is designed for outdoors and is breathable and abrasion resistant to ensure a comfortable hike for you. Make sure you are prepared for your next outdoor adventure with the right hiking and trekking gear by checking out our full range of hiking and trekking gear online or in-store today.

Hiking and Trekking Accessories for men, women and kids

No hiking outfit is complete without some accessories! To accompany your new hiking fleece and hiking pants be sure to check out our range of warm gloves and mittens available in a variety of colors and sizes for men, women and kids. To keep your head warm on a cold morning hike check out our range of beanies and hats also available in a variety of colors and sizes. You can build a complete new outfit with Decathlon’s range of hiking and trekking clothing to ensure that you look stylish but also have the correct gear for the type of outdoor hike that you are undertaking. Explore our full range online or visit us in-store today and a member of our expert staff will be happy to assist you. Time to get kitted out and get ready for your next outdoor adventure courtesy of Decathlon. 

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