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  1. Price €550.00

    Treadmill RUN100E Connected

  2. Price €85.00

    Mid 9 Scooter - Pink

  3. Price €299.00

    Rowing Machine Essential 120

  4. Price €85.00

    Mid 9 Scooter - Grey

  5. Price €129.00

    Essential Exercise Bike

  6. Price €359.00

    Smart Cross Trainer 500


Gifts for her

A gift for her can be for any of the women in your life, your mother, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, and even your significant other. We’ve prepared a detailed collection of gifts that are perfect for every woman in your life that will save you time and money when deciding what to buy for her. ... See more

Browse our entire collection of gifts for her and when you find the perfect present, decide whether you want to receive your new product via our speedy home delivery service or our convenient click-and-collect option. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we offer a 2 year warranty for all Decathlon products and a 365 day returns offer for all online orders.

What do “gifts for her” look like?

Gifts for her can come in all shapes, sizes, and sports. At Decathlon, we created this list with that information in mind so you're guaranteed to find a gift that is perfect for her. We can’t take you through the entirety of the list but we will give you a few examples of some of our more popular products for Christmas this year. Paddleboarding has recently taken off in Ireland, with so many social clubs setting up around the country. That’s why a full paddleboard kit might be the perfect gift for her this year. At Decathlon, we supply a wide range of paddleboards, kits, and other accessories to help anyone get out on the water. Hitting up the water on a paddleboard is one of the most relaxing ways to explore all of Ireland’s beautiful bodies of water and can also be great exercise. A new waterproof jacket is another ideal gift to give at Christmas. We all know how wet and miserable the winter months can get, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from exploring the country through running, hiking, cycling, walking, or whatever your preferred activity is. We have a wide range of jackets for her that are suitable for every type of activity. If you know that she’s an avid hiker or mountain walker, a new pair of boots to get her through the wet winter months is an excellent gift. There's nothing worse than waking up to go hiking only to realise that your only pair of boots are still soaked from your last hike. It might seem crazy to non-hikers, but multiple pairs of boots are an essential part of hiking in winter. Nothing says Christmas like a nice warm fleece and if it can double up as a warm mid-layer for outdoor adventures it's a bonus. Lucky for you, at Decathlon, we supply fleeces that are both perfect for an all-weather adventure and to snuggle up on the couch with a hot cup of homemade hot chocolate. Now for an excellent stocking filler. We supply a wide range of beanies that will make the perfect gift for her this winter. With a wide range of styles and colours to choose from we know that you’ll find one that suits her just right. Why not bring the whole family together this Christmas for some fun outdoor games? We have archery sets, tennis sets, and badminton sets available on our website because nothing says Christmas like getting the whole family outside and having fun together.

Choosing the perfect gifts for her

Unfortunately, choosing a gift for her might not be as easy as sitting down and helping her with her list for Santa. The sooner you start thinking about what she might want the more likely you will be to find her the perfect gift this Christmas. Luckily, at Decathlon, we have the best Christmas gifts put together for you in one helpful list so you shouldn’t have to look too hard to find the perfect present. If you are ever unsure about what the perfect gift is, you can always reach out to us online or visit us in-store and an expert member of our staff will be happy to help you pick out that perfect gift. We hope you enjoy browsing our wide range of gifts and that whichever gift you choose puts a smile on her face this Christmas. See more