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    Blue Jana women's swimsuit bottoms

Best Swimsuits for Women

Our expert team has designed a range of swimsuits for women in a variety of styles. Below we discuss the different styles that we offer and we are confident that we have the correct swimsuit to meet your needs. Check out our full selection online today or visit us in-store. You can order from the comfort of your home for delivery, click and collect or shop with us in store!

One piece tankini and swimsuit tops

Our range of one piece tankinis are perfect swimsuits for women that provide coverage and with wide straps and a u-shaped back scoop are easy to dress. If swimsuit tankinis are not for you then how about a swimsuit top that provides support through a swimming bra with thin straps that are crossed at the back for freedom of movement and detachable pads to suit your every need! The anatomic design of the swimsuit top with the crossed back also suits all busts. 

Maternity swimsuit

For expectant mothers we also have a stylish range of maternity swimwear for women. These one piece swimwear options will grow with you thanks to its space around the belly and is guaranteed to be easy to put on with its U-shaped back and the anatomic design ensures a comfortable seams that are suitable for 9 months of pregnancy. Our maternity swimsuits for women come in a variety of designs and sizes for you to choose from also. 

One piece swimsuit 

One of our most popular women's swimwear options is the one piece swimsuit that is designed with wide straps and a Y-back, ensuring good support and an optimal stability during activity. Some of our one piece swimwear options also come with chlorine resistant material so your new swimwear will not fade and remain in excellent quality for longer. The freedom of movement that comes with a one piece ensures a comfortable swim and you don’t have to worry about adjusting your swimsuit after each length. Our design team has created a variety of beautiful designs for you to choose from including our all tra pink design and the stunning urg blue design. Our womens one piece swimwear options are available in a variety of sizes to suit all women who want to swim.

Body sculpting swimsuit

Another one of our most popular options in our swimsuits for women category is the body sculpting one piece swimsuit. The body sculpting one piece swimsuit comes with a V-neck and gathered cups in addition to removable cups to suit your bust. The material ensures your swimsuit has a body-sculpting effect, without giving you the feeling of being squeezed. As soon as you slip it on, you'll feel well supported and comfortable.

Bikini top and bikini bottoms - Two piece swimsuits

Another great option for swimsuits for women is a bikini top or pair of bikini bottoms. Our range of bikini tops provide stability and you won’t need to readjust your top while swimming. The material is stretchy enough to provide user comfort but, more importantly, is unaffected by chlorine. This thread also has the advantage of quick drying. Another plus: Even the brightest of colors will retain their color fastness. Our bikini tops hug your figure but allow freedom of movement while also providing excellent support so you can concentrate on your swim. 

To accompany your new bikini top check out our range of matching bikini bottoms. These bikini bottoms have a soft and highly chlorine-resistant component and it also has an elastic with a drawstring on the belt for excellent support! Our full range of two piece swimsuits for women is available to view online or in-store today and you can pick and choose from a variety of beautiful designs and find the size that suits your figure best. 

One piece shorty and swimsuit shorty

The swimsuit shorty for women is ideal for pool swimming and sea swimming. It provides more coverage with legs up to the knees and provides excellent stability across the back and shoulders thanks to the wide straps and the Y-shaped back. Another great choice is the one piece swimsuit shorty which provides you with a swimsuit with a built-in bra, removable padded cups and underbust seam to enhance your figure. The medium leg height provides stability without being too revealing also. Our full range of one piece shorty’s and swimsuit shortys for women are available in a variety of colors, styles and sizes for you to choose from.

Water polo swimsuit for women

The water polo swimsuit is ideal for playing water polo, underwater hockey or even for everyday swimming. This ultra tight swimsuit provides excellent coverage to avoid being snagged during a game and provides optimal freedom of movement thanks to the open cut on the legs and shoulders. Some of our water polo swimsuits also come with zips for easy dressing as this type of swimwear for women is stronger and tighter than a normal swimsuit. After a few training sessions the material stretches and provides optimal comfort so you are ready for your next game. To keep you warm and dry check out our range of bathrobes that are perfect for drying off after your swim!